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  1. I'm not very up on Incapacity Benefit I'm afraid. I know people who work and get DLA so I don't think they are connected.
  2. I do think it's getting more difficult to get DLA - there seems to be a lot more people appealing. It might be better to get someone else involved in adding more information to your claim. Have you got a local Welfare Rights or Unemployed Workers in your area? CAB also do it but I've heard they aren't as good but I suppose it depends on the person. Don't give up because that's what they want you to do. I think sometimes doctors just give the medical version of your impairments not the difficulties you face in day to day living any way. Good luck!
  3. Would someone be kind enough to tell me is there anywhere where it states someone cannot be constantly bullied into paying that little bit more when they haven't got it. Probably different terminolgy though. Thanks
  4. Details should be on the back of your statements I believe. You don't have to ask them for details.
  5. I'm a bit confused as to whose this thread is now lol. Bizarrely they have sent me a letter to say I haven't paid but I have a s/o with them. It's though they have thought "Oh this person has been reliably paying every monthy (not a pittance) let's throw a spanner in the works". It's come totally out the blue and now the phone calls have started. Coledog - thanks for the SAR!
  6. I've been on a lower payment agreement for quite some time and everything has gone fine. Unfortunately, for some reason they've started to add lots of fees so my payment isn't covering it. I'm going to send a SAR etc now.
  7. Thanks - I thought they sent a letter of acknowledgment after 2 weeks. I did stipulate that I wanted them to write to me not phone but obviously they've ignored that.
  8. Thank you - they've obviously got my letter.
  9. Does anyone know how long I should wait to hear from Marbles Complaints Dept? I've been waiting a fortnight now. I can't seem to find any info on their webpage. Also I've been getting calls from 08445 811011 and I'm not sure if they are connected to Marbles even though I asked them to put everything down in writing. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you for your replies. They have given me food for thought!
  11. I want to start up a business if I can get funding for it. To apply for funding the new business requires a constitution and a business bank account. As I'm in debt with credit cards will this effect my chance of opening another bank account at my own bank? Thank you.
  12. One of my friends was fined for parking on a double yellow lines for only 6 minutes. Is there any way she can contest this? Thanks
  13. Barclays told me it had gone to Calders (from Mercers) but it just seems a waste of time when the arrangement is still in place. Oh well.........
  14. Since the agreement has been in place I don't get hassled. I just thought it was funny I got a letter from Calders saying the agreement is still in place.
  15. Can someone explain this ........ even though Barclaycard/Mercers have accepted a mutually agreed repayment package it has now been passed to Calders. I know they are all the same people and Calders are accepting the repayment package, I don't understand why it's been passed to them. Hopefully someone can enlighten me. Thank you.
  16. Thank you for this - I will find the default notice and post it up. Kind regards.
  17. I received it last year (well before I found CAG) so will that matter?
  18. I've not CCA'd them as I came to an amicable arrangement which I was happy with. I will still have the default notice somewhere.
  19. I came to an agreement with my credit card company so have been paying an agreed amount every month. I had a letter last week saying they need to review the situation so want my pay slips, I & E etc. There hasn't been a change in my circumstances except my rent and Council Tax have gone up. I don't suspect they will lower their payments though lol. I'm loathe to tell them my details again but then again if I fill in their assessment sheets it's done and dusted (hopefully). I've not CCA'd them as I've always managed to come to a mutual agreement and as long as the debt goes down I'm happy. Advice welcome.
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