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  1. Could someone advise me as to whether I should just send a letter requesting my PPI back as I believe it was miss sold to me or whether to send a SAR first. Thanking you in advance.
  2. I think you have one month to appeal or to give them more information. If it's past that just try again.
  3. You have a choice a Talk/write to him about the situation b Change Accountant which would be a shame c Do nothing If you talk to him I should update your own terminology though as he is neither poor or has an affliction. He has an impairment.
  4. Try DLA again - don't give up because you have been turned down keep trying or go for an appeal. Try your local Welfare Rights or Unemployed Workers Centre. Get someone who knows what they are doing when filling in the DLA form. Like someone says it depends who you get at CAB.
  5. My friends have recently changed doctors and it went very smoothly. You can make a complaint - they're not gods! Have you applied for DLA? Perhaps, these might be able to give you advice as well and ask if there are any support groups in your area. [email protected] Marfan Association UK Rochester House 5 Aldershot Road Fleet Hampshire GU51 3NG Telephone Number +44 (0)1252 810472 Fax Number +44 (0)1252 810473 Answer Phone +44 (0)1252 617320 Copyright 2007
  6. Could anyone tell me what kind of questions a Medical Assessor is likely to ask? If the time of the appointment is too early are you allowed to ask for a later time. A friend has difficulty getting up early in a morning as she has ME. Any tips for the assessment is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for this it makes me feel a little easier. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi I wonder if someone can help me. My car insurance is nearly up for renewal. I pay by DD and have never missed a payment. I'm in debt with credit cards but everything has been sorted out with lower payments. I've just had a letter from my insurance broker saying to protect customers from fraud and to verify their identity insurers may use certain data like credit reference agencies. It goes on to say that this search will apear on my credit report and for them to get the best possible quote this check will automatically be carried out. However, if I do not want them to complete a credit check I have to get in touch with them. As I'm in debt I'm worried that I won't get car insurance. It's the first time I've received a letter like this so is it just a coincidence or is it flagged up to everyone that you are in debt. What happens if I don't given permission for them to do a credit check. Thanks in advance.
  9. I should try your local CVS as they might have access to Funder Finder. They could look for a grant for you. Tell them your mum's age, impairment, past employment. The MS do supply grants but not sure if they would for this but worth checking. Is she on all her benefits? Is this link any good? http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/life/benefits/help_for_people_on_a_low_income_-_the_social_fund.htm
  10. I'm sorry but I can't help you with the ESA appeal but have you applied for DLA as well? I should also get in touch with RNID who will offer you advice about employment. http://www.rnid.org.uk Information Line (Freephone) Telephone 0808 808 0123 Textphone 0808 808 9000 [email protected]
  11. I'm afraid I fell for this with another credit card company. They wanted just £1 to set the lower payment deal up and I gave them my card details. You know what's coming .......... I sent a cheque off for the lower amount agreed and they also took the same amount from my card details. I had to change my card details etc. Never again!
  12. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeople/FinancialSupport/OtherBenefitsAndSupport/DG_068683
  13. I'm with TALKTALK - they've been ok until something goes wrong. I've had many arguments with them. My telephone doesn't work either. They checked it out many times but they say it's ok. I can receive calls but like you get the engaged tone when I try to dial out. My second phone is fine.
  14. ESA is replacing Incapacity Benefit I believe. I agree I think you may be able to claim DLA. Try to get a proper Welfare Rights Officer to fill it in or go to your Unemplyed Workers Centre. CAB also do it but I've not had good feedback about them but it depends on the worker. People tend to underplay their problems and experienced people know how to fill it in so get some one to assist you. Put everything down. You can download DLA forms so you check the questions first and make notes on your difficulties. The Equality and Human Rights people will assist you with your rights regarding employment. Good luck!
  15. http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/HealthCosts/Documents/HealthCosts/HC11.pdf
  16. Any potential employer should offer you reasonable adjustments to your workplace. What kind of work are you looking for? It might be worth getting in touch with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (they joined forces with the Disability Rights Commission.) Are you on DLA as well? England: 0845 604 6610 textphone 0845 604 6620 Scotland: 0845 604 5510 textphone 0845 604 5520 Wales: 0845 604 8810 textphone 0845 604 8820 [email protected]
  17. Is your nephew disabled? If not. this might not be the right forum and it might get overlooked.
  18. Just to update this thread Marbles have decided to keep accepting my lower payments. Cheers for the support.
  19. It's probably best to let your local Welfare Rights do a proper benefit check for him.
  20. I used to be told a doorstep collector 'may' visit me but they never came. I know how upsetting it is especially when you live with your mum but it's usually a threat to get more money out of you. From experience don't talk to these people on the telephone because they will bully you into paying more than you can afford. After a while if you take the advice of expereinced people on here you will get stronger and stronger to deal with these people. You have more power than you think!
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