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  1. The company who I have PPI with (HFC) have sent me a questionnaire to fill in. They want to know when I took PPI out. I am in receipt of the SAR info from my credit card company but there's statements missing and no CCA so not sure when the card was taken out. Surely HFC would have it on their system? I'm loathe to phone the credit card company up.
  2. Thank you ims21 - really appreciate this.
  3. If a person did claim on their PPI how long would this last for - is it just for the first year?
  4. Thank you - I feel as though this one has been designed to try and catch people out.
  5. Thank you for that. This morning I received one of their PPI questionnaires. I've been in touch with them regarding it being mis-sold. I've already told them the details and I was going to fill this one in but the questions are too in depth for me to remember it was a long time ago. I do know they didn't tell me I had a choice to go elsewhere and my employer would still pay me if I was off sick etc etc. They did say even if I don't fill this questionnaire in they will still look into it for me. However, if they are advising me they have partly investigated my complaint but need more information and I haven't got anything else to give it might go against me. If I do fill it in there isn't much I can add to my previous letter. Is it best to try and fill in what I can or perhaps send another letter.
  6. The SAR I received wasn't complete - there wasn't a CCA and one of the statements was missing. I've asked for these missing documents but have had no reply as yet. Do I have to wait another 40 days or should it come quicker?
  7. I've just had a reply from my Credit Card Company. They are going to look into my complaint of mis-sold PPI. They have said they will try and be as quick as they can but in any event within 16 weeks. I'm surprised I got a rather quick acknowledgment and the letter was reasonably nice. I was expecting them to say 'no' in the very first letter.... calm before the storm I bet.
  8. Hi I've just put the figures into the spreadsheet but not sure what I put for these - could someone help. Thank you. ANNUAL INTEREST RATE (APR) DAILY INTEREST RATE
  9. When you get in touch with your credit card company to reclaim PPI - do you have to use their questionnaire as I don't know all the answers. Can I just send a letter?
  10. Ah right - here's me thinking it would be similar every month. You live and learn. Thank you.
  11. I need to ask another silly question! I'm just inputting all my PPI into the spreadsheet. As I've been going through them the PPI differs a lot eg Aug 05 it's only 94 p and then a year later it's gone to £15. Can you tell me the reason for this? Thank you.
  12. Hi could someone tell me what happens if I don't get a response back from my SAR? I know my letter has been delivered. Thanks.
  13. Hi Could someone tell me if it's 40 working days credit card companies have to reply to your SAR? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you - math isn't my strongest point!
  15. I've sent an SAR to my credit card company and they have another 12 days to reply. In the meantime, do you think I ought to send a letter regarding claiming my PPI back before they send the SAR info just to get the ball rolling? On the other hand s it best to wait and work out the figures after they've sent me the SAR info back? I'm asking because I've got a feeling I'm not going to get much back.
  16. Yes I have all my statements so thank you for this.
  17. I've negotiated a lower monthly payment on a credit card. I haven't paid any PPI for over a year now as all the money goes on the debt. Can I still claim on what I've paid previously? I think the Credit Card company cancelled it. I didn't realise I could get PPI cheaper elsewhere etc. Thank you.
  18. Thank you for getting back to me I appreciate it.
  19. It's for a credit card. I only have statements for the past few years I'm afraid.
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