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  1. Thank you - I don't think it is suitable.
  2. My post has been made redundant and the company I work for has offered me another position. I don't think it is anywhere similar to my old job and I won't be using the skills that I have gained over the past few years. I think that I will struggle with doing the new job. Could you tell me what happens if I turn the job down - would I get redundancy money? I have a four week trial to see if I like the job or whether I'm suitable etc. If I don't like the job can I give my notice in during the 4 week period or do I have to wait until the 4 weeks are up?
  3. Hi I've just had a statement and I'm definitely in credit. Will do what you have suggested and close the account. Thank you for the advice.
  4. Well I've tried to get my money back through the 'hole in the wall' but the credit card company has blocked my card. I've previously been in debt with them so they've blocked it. Debt paid off now. I've been in touch with them to try and get my money back but they've said I must get my bank to do it. Spoke to my bank and they've said the credit card people should give it back. I've written to the credit card company again but had no response as yet. What is the best way to approach this now? Thank you in advance.
  5. With hindsight I've just realised I can withdraw the money or spend it ... senior moment I think. Thank you
  6. I have previously paid off a credit card balance but unfortunately I forgot to cancel my Standing Order the following week. Will I be able to get it back as the total had been paid off beforehand?
  7. On my renewal notice it's telling me how much they will charge me for renewing my insurance with them! It's also gone up by £7 per month. I know people might not think that's a lot but my rent and utility bills have also gone up so I'm shopping around.
  8. Hi not yet. I'm just looking at different quotes and it's something I've never been asked about before.
  9. I've heard some won't I'm afraid so wondered if the details on my renewal letter would suffice.
  10. Hi I'm just getting a few quotes for my car insurance and they want proof of my protected no claims bonus. The company I might have my insurance with said they need a copy of the renewal letter from my previous insurer. I've just had my renewal notice today where it says 'protected no claims discount' - YES. Will this be good enough evidence? It might be a daft question but nobody has asked me this before. What is confusing me is that on the quote it also states: You have 9 years No Claims Bonus that has been earned on a UK Car Policy, in your own name, which expired within the last 2 years and is not in use on any other policy. Important - You must send your proof of No Claims Bonus to your local branch within 7 days. We'll give you this address on the confirmation page. I'm not sure why it says it has expired and not in use on any other policy when on my renewal letter it says I have 'protected no claims discount'.
  11. No, but then I didn't give him chance as he was going on a bit ....
  12. I've just telephoned them and the trial has now been cancelled. They do ask why you are cancelling just for their own feedback and also they can give you tips to better your score etc. No problems in cancelling it.
  13. Have to wait until Monday now as office is closed.
  14. Hi How do you cancel the free 30 day trial with Experian? I can't find anything on their webpage apart from cancelling full membership. I have emailed them but concerned it might take 8 days for them to reply. Thanks
  15. Hi Could someone tell what is the difference between a £2 credit check and the free monthly trials. I want to see the state of my credit record but are the free monthly trials more extensive?
  16. Could someone tell me who the Chief Exec is at Marbles? Thank you
  17. Thank you - will look forward to it.
  18. I only sent it last week. I must confess I've been dragging my feet in sending it off as when things go quiet I don't want to rock the boat and fire them up again. I still feel a bit nervous of them I'm afraid. They tend to come after me every 6 months when it is up for review.
  19. I should scan and post your agreement up here so people can see if it's legit or not.
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