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  1. Yes, I will do that as you advised. I will also update you all about the outcome. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello unclebulgaria, Thank you very much for your reply and the link provided, is very helpful. I will definitely get in touch with the Charity organisations you suggested.
  3. Hello citizenB, Thanks for your reply and encouragement. Any help is highly appreciated.
  4. UPDATE OF MY CASE AFTER UPPER TRIBUNAL HEARING Hello Everyone, I am writing to update everyone following my case and to listen to advice of next plan of action or if there are other options available to me as per my situation. We had a hearing at Upper Tribunal as I have explained in my previous Thread above. I represented myself by preparing the bundles with all the necessary supporting evidence to claim my ILR as per the Links to my post above. 1. The Home office Presenting Officer submitted that there was no application or immigration decision made in relation to IL
  5. Dear All, Following with reference to Regulations 2003,2005 and 2006 I believe I have a case to pursue to obtain my ILR which I was denied in June 2010 due to poor Representations and also I had no clue of any immigration laws and Regulations at that time only relied of my rep. The real issue is we were given Leave to Remain in 12 March 2015 base on Article 8 through my 14 years old daughter ( 7 years Rule Concession) who came to join me with her mother in September 2003 after a long legal battle Represented by a reputable firm. We won the case (Leave to Remain) at the First Tier T
  6. Thanks Emmzzi. What if they still standby their decision. Meanwhile, their solicitor have challenged my claim and apply for "strike it out". Will that mean I cannot talk about not given appeal any more in court if I attend.
  7. Thanks Emmzzi. Don't you think management appeal is for them to cover their back now that the case is in Tribunal after they failed to give me appeal about 4 months ago?
  8. Hi Emmzzi,Thanks for your reply and advice. 1.I have specify the race issue2.With regard to Acas, I had a letter and telephone call from the conciliator ex-employer and myself so waiting for responds from employer if we could reach a settlement.3. With regard to the "assumptions" do you have any suggestion because I can't think of any help please.My questions1. Is there any prospect in my claim?2. My employer did not give me appeal even though I requested in writing. They trying to do that now on 04/04/2013 @16:00 PM at Slough Branch after receipt of my ET1 because I raised in it. Please do yo
  9. Hello Friends, I need your help in my Tribunal case. I was summary dismissed of gross misconduct on 16/11/2012. please below is my ET1 submission: I was unfairly dismissed based on the following allegations: 1. Misuse of Company time by shopping whilst at work 2. Reprinting customers receipts to obtain PRICE COMPARE coupon. ` Help Needed in these areas 1. I was singled out and unfairly dismissed for something everyone does in my Branch. Please, can anyone help me with laws or acts and advice th
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