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  1. Sky TV have been taking more money out of my account (£40+) than they should have for the past 20 months. I contacted them in Feb 08 to try & resolve this (it'd been going on for 3 months at that time) & they stated over the phone that they would resolve this & promised to credit my money back. I trusted them to do so but have only recently discovered, whilst doing a thorough check of my bank accounts, that they never actually did so. I have had severe family problems (acute/chronic illness) over this time and have only now been able to actually get on top of day-to-day household things. Once I realised what had happened I complained to them earlier this week & they sent an engineer round to check things to make sure there was no underlying problem. There wasn't. I was assured (via e-mail) that once sorted out, they'd credit my account the full money. The engineer yesterday also told me I would be entitled to a full refund (rather than credit). However today I received an email stating that since the original complaint was in Feb 08 they would not pay me any money back (despite the fact that I was assured then that this would be resolved). I haven't bothered watching TV in my bedroom since then (it was a matter of convenience but Sky + just meant it was more or less redundant) but did switch on everything now and then so I thought things would be updated via the phone (as per my contract). I replied to this horrible news complaining that I had previously been assured that I would be either fully credited or refunded and have now I received a further email stating they would credit my account for 6 months only! Can they do this? All notices of increases in subscription charges since then have only quoted the amount I THOUGHT I was paying (and should have been paying), £60-odd, and not the actual amount they were taking from my account. The problem in question is that I had subscribed to Sky Multiroom but they started to charge me for two Sky boxes after a glitch with our phone line (resolved at the time of the phone call in Feb 08). Can I take this any further? I am incredibly upset by this. Yes I should have checked my accounts more carefully, but all written correspondence since that time seem to point to it being resolved and I received no further notification from then since my phone call in Feb 08 to inform me otherwise, nor was there any mention whenever my subscription went up or down that I was paying for an extra box, just the £60-odd a month I thought I was paying. I was hoping for a full refund, or at the worst, a part credit/part refund but only 6 months is ridiculous, especially given their prior assurances. What would happen, if heavens forbid, I had to move to a property where I couldn't receive Sky (no plans to move but hypothetically speaking where would things stand)? Surely this is still my money?
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