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  1. UPDATE The court date is set for the 30th April but I'm still getting letters from Shoosmiths trying to get me to agree to settle for an outrageous amount which I still can't pay. Should I just let this go to court and see what happens?
  2. Hi If Andyorch's about can you let me know if I should be doing anything or just waiting for the next letters setting a court date? Thanks
  3. Sorry for not getting back sooner but I haven't been very well the last couple of days. So far I've received a "Notice of Transfer of Proceedings" and a "General Directions Order" which says: "It is ordered that The Application to lift the stay must be heard on notice to the Defendant Transfer the action to the Defendents home court. Note; A party affected by this order may under Rule 23.10 apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such a party must apply under Rule 23.10 within 7 days of service of this order." Both documents are dated 15th December although I didn't r
  4. UPDATE Over Christmas I've finally got the letter saying the case has been moved to my home town and am now awaiting a date. What happens next? The only defence on file is the one penned by Andyorch on here. I feel I need to add to my defence when I go to court and desperately need advice. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Andyorch who has helped me so much in the past I would be very grateful.
  5. Please will someone get in touch with andyorch and tell him I need his help. i'm stressing about this really badly.
  6. How can I make sure Andyorch sees this who was helping me before please?
  7. Hi, this is the latest update. I had a letter from Shoosmiths saying the following: "We are disappointed to have not received a response to our letter dated 5 october 2009. We have now provided complete statements of account for the account numbered xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, along with copy notifications and terms and conditions. We do not believe that your Defence holds sufficient grounds for Defending the claim. We therefore enclose the following; 1. Draft Consent Order We invite you to sign and return the attached Orde to ourselves to be filed at Court. As you will see, the Co
  8. Ok, thanks again. I'll wait and see what happens next.
  9. If the letter i quoted earlier as the termination notice the date by the place for the signature is 11 November 2005, although as I said earlier there isn't a signature. In the main text of the letter it says they will terminate the overdraft agreement on or after 25/11/05 unless I have made alternative arrganements. which I suppose is giving me 14 days to come to some satisfactory agreement. There doesn't seem to be any credit zone charges as such, it's just all masses of interest.
  10. Is there any other information you need at the moment?
  11. Ok all the figures now! Total Interest charged since Sept 2005 is £2798.60 Total I've managed to pay off through payplan £1049.86 Total charges £212 - what's listed as charges only happend in 2005/06 but includes 3 charges of £30 listed as a "Default Notice Fee" on 3 separate occasions. Also the interest charged doesn't seem to make any sense from month to month and seems to go up and down willy nilly regardless of how much I've paid off.
  12. Well looking through the 400 odd pages of statments it looks like Natwest just kept letting the DDs go through and letting the overdraft get bigger until I'd moved over all my direct payments to another bank account as advised by the CAB when all this first started. There is then months and months where I've paid an amount through payplan and natwest have charged me interest and applied a charge which in total is more than the amount I was paying off through payplan. I didn't know natwest were still charging me interest or applying charges as I never had any statements in this time.
  13. I presume this is the Termination notice. Notice served under section 76(1) adn 98(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. Overdraft on account number xxxxxxxxxx Your overdraft is repayable on demand being made by the Bank: and such deman will terminate the overdraft arrangement. The Bank intends to demand paymet fo the Total Amount Outstanding as set out below (if necessary by Court action) and accordingly terminate the overdraft arrangement on or after 25/11/05 unless by that date you have made an alternative arrangement for repayment which is acceptable to the Bank. Principal
  14. Right here we go, first the letter from Shoosmiths The first bit of the letter is just about copies of the letters they have sent back to me and details of the documents they have sent to me which I mentioned in my post yesterday. It goes on: "We have now provided complete statements of accoun for the account numbered xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, along with copy notifications and terms and conditions. We draw attention to page 321 of the statements of account, in particular where it states "your interest rare for borrowing up to £1,550.00 of this account is 16.49% PA. This is the cred
  15. Hi I'm at work at the moment but as soon as I get in tonight I will type up the whole letter from Shoosmiths and all the other details that you ask for. One thing I have noticed is that they haven't included a copy of any agreement that I've signed when I took out the bank account in the first place. Also, Shoosmiths say in their letter that they are going to apply to have my submitted defence thrown out and are going to go for full settlement plus legal costs. I'm assuming this is just another attempt to get me to settle before it goes to court. I haven't had any further not
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