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  1. hey, I have been in a similar situation to you and all I can say is be proactive and try to find a tenant using contacts, gumtree, etc - try and contact the university in the city you were going to be studying in as they might know someone who needs accommodation/can advertise the room! My experience is that you can't rely on student landlords/student letting agencies to advertise your room (when I was trying to get out of a really noisy flat where I couldn't sleep at night in my final year, it was so bad, my letting agency were really slow to even put my room up on their website/in the
  2. hey guys, I totally agree with everyone that the customer service at Richer Sounds is excellent, and compared to other retailers, one of the best. Always very friendly and approachable, it's just a shame about the problem I've had and how they failed to satisfy me and I was left feeling under-valued as a customer. An update for those interested .. I sent an email directly to richer sounds' customer services and received a prompt reply followed by a phone call the next day. A very nice man called Tom rang me to hear what had happened and said that he could arrange for my old TV to
  3. I'm really desperate from some advice and/or feedback from people who have experienced a similar problem that I have been encountering.. It all started about a year ago when I brought a Samsung SM2032MW 20" LCD TV from Richer Sounds. It cost £119 which I thought was well worth the money, as the picture and exterior looked really good quality. I took it home and didn't actually unpack it properly from the box until about a couple of months later when I moved back to University. Almost immediately I noticed that there was something wrong with the television .. I would be switching channel
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