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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I've received working and child tax credits for a few years. In May this year my daughter reached 20 years old so I thought I would lose the credit for her, but I lost all the tax credit instead. I wasn't shocked as I just thought it was due to new government rules. About a fortnight later, my renewal forms came through but because my money had stopped I reckoned it was just their right hand didn't know what their left hand was doing and threw them away. As far as I was concerned, that was the end of the matter until today when I got a letter saying that I owe
  2. Hi, thanks for the help. I sent the letter and today received a call from 3. They apologised and said that after looking into the facts, I was right and I was told that my contract was cancelled, except that it wasn't, but apparently it is now! It looks as if it's sorted and I have not had calls from debt people for a couple of days so fingers crossed. Thank you all again for your help and Merry Xmas to all.
  3. Hi, wonder if anyone can help with this. I've been on contract with 3 for a long time, but had a new phone on 24 month contract due to expire in june 2012. I also have a phone for my daughter and pay her bill too. However, quite suddenly the service was reduced on my phone to such an extent that i was getting texts 2 days after they were sent and could not make any calls at home, the nearest i could make a call was about a mile away. my daughters phone is used at uni so hers was not a probem. I got in touch with 3 and they said they would moniter my phone for a week and see what happened. Afte
  4. Received letter from Triton today saying that they have recommended to nasty west that solicitors should be instructed to take me to court and i would be liable for court costs. Should i take much notice and should i make offer? Thanks for all the help so far.
  5. Hi, yesterday I received a letter from Triton dated 4th July, asking for a cheque for the full amount by return post, or if I could not pay right away, to ring them. Today I got the follow up letter dated 13th July saying that failed to make the payment and they are considering further action to obtain repayment and it seems appropriate to request that a debt recovery agent to call on me to discuss and agree proposals for repayment. They would prefer not to take this action and request i contact them by phone. Any ideas? Shouls I make offer? Oh, and by the way, I'm afraid I don't have a ham
  6. Hi again, I never got a reply from Nasty West on this but have just received a phone call from someone from Triton debt services. I would not go throught the screening and told her that I would only communicate in writing. She said they have sent me numerous letters ( I have not received any at all ) and she would send out another, so I take it that the debt has been passed on and am waiting for a letter. Does anyone know Triton because I would like to know what I'll be up against this time. Thanks.
  7. Sorry DD, trying again, hopefully, here is the signed copy http://i1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb338/happyhippy1/natwestdaniella.jpg
  8. Hi Daniella, I took the agreement and everything else off cos I keep leaving my name on things! A couple of people have seen it though and say it looked lawful so I not sure what to do now. I disputed it because the T&Cs they sent were pretty much unreadable but as you can see from their last letter to me, they don't agree. Do you think I should make my offer again?
  9. Hi DD, I'm afraid they did send me a copy of the signed agreement and a lot of other stuff but I wrote to them about the copies of the T &cs they sent me. They could hardly be read they were so small and faded so I told them I could be disadvantaged because of this and they sent this reply. Not sure where to go with this now. I offered to pay them 25ponds per month before but they asked for 48 pm and I stopped paying while this query was going on. Should I offer the 25 again because I cannot afford more than that.
  10. Hi, after all that performing it turned out I'd put the wrong one on anyway!! Here is the right one..... hopefully
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