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  1. Hi AA99, Didn't realise there was a problem with this, will try and edit it. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone had had a look and had any thoughts???? You must have all had a better weekend than me!!
  3. Hi all, Here is the copy of my CCA.....hopefully I have attached it ok!! :-| http://i794.photobucket.com/albums/yy222/jen_s/CCA.jpg[/img] http://i794.photobucket.com/albums/yy222/jen_s/CCA2.jpg[/img] Look forward to hearing from you!
  4. Hi Exasperated, You are a star, would have taken forever for me to figure out how to do it!!!!
  5. Hi Chris, Thanks for your wise words.....am pretty glad I didn't just accept the claim company's word for it and paid them! I am more than happy to allow you to look at the agreement and will do this tomorrow. I am really grateful for your help!!
  6. Hi Exasperated, The advice you gave about cccs was useful and is appreciated, they are looking at other means of getting out of this mess because at the moment I am not even sure if i am going to get anywhere down the unenforceable route.... so thanks again I haven't got a scanner that works at home but can sort this tomorrow! Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to give an update on the situation. GE Money have sent the CCA to me (I received it today!). What is my next move? :idea: Is the fact that the agreement is signed on behalf of GE Money (by the broker...RELAX) and not them personally grounds to claim the debt is unenforceable??? Also I took the loan out in July 2007 does this change anything? I appreciate any thoughts!!!! Also, I did contact CCCS and although they were very helpful Undercover Elsa is correct in the fact they only want to discuss repaying the debt and not if it has broken the Credit Agreement A
  8. Oh I won't hold out much hope that they are going to make it easy then!!!! Keep me posted with what happens with you!
  9. Hi, Thanks for replying! I have requested the CCA and have enclosed the £1 postal order so hopefully will hear back soon. I will definatly contact CCCS and see what advice they give. Thanks again
  10. It did concern me whether or not they are above board as they wanted money right that moment and they wouldn't leave me alone for days! Does anyone have any idea whether or not what they have said is true?? I don't want to get my hopes up that I might have a way out of this mess as the claims company may have been pulling a fast one just to get my money!!! :-?
  11. Please, please help!!!! I'll start from the begining....... In Feb this year my husband was made redundant, this was completly out of the blue! It also happened to be 5 days before I gave birth to our first baby. Well as you can imagine money was tight, luckily we took a maternity payment break with our mortgage but we still struggled to make payments to our other creditors. The 2 credit cards have been fine and agreements have been set up. However, we have a secured loan with GE Money (which we took out through a broker) of £20,000, which we took out in July 2007 ( does this matter?)
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