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  1. Hi, Not sure if i'm posting on the correct place, but I have a question about PPI. Wonder if anyone can help. I took out a loan with Halifax in July 2008. I also took out PPI. On my agreement is listed the total price for the loan at 10.9% APR and total price for the insurance at 10.9%. Unfortunately by December 2008 I was on a DMP with the CCCS. The Halifax passed the loan over to Blair Oliver and Scott to recover the balance. Blair Oliver and Scott contacted me and we agreed lower payments which was fine. They said I should cancel the PPI which I have just done. The Halifax have said I am due a rebate of £3109 and I am to contact them to proceed with the cancellation. Before I do though I have read on this forum that this balance may go towards the arrears of the loan, which I think are about £1800. I don't mind this but am I within my rights to ask for the remainder to come to me?? Thanks for any help.x
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