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  1. You didn't happen to work for a certain electrical retailer did you? The only reason I ask is because your story sounds familliar.
  2. Thanks Guys. I have worked for my employer for over 18 months, the letter I sent was not a grievance letter but it was a request for the company to state exactly how they work out our holiday entitlement.
  3. Well I'm back again for a bit of advice. You may remember, my employer is only giving it's full time (39 hour, 5 day week) staff 4.2 weeks holliday rather than the legal requirement of 5.6 weeks (Yes we DO WORK BANK HOLIDAYS). Well under advice from ACAS I have sent a letter, recorded delivery three weeks ago but have not recived a reply. Where do I go next. HELP!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks everyone very helpfull. Will go kick some ass now!
  5. Just that we are expected to work weekends and Bank holidays. If you work bank holiday you will be paid time and a half. If your days off normaly include Monday, then you will recive a day in leiu for any bank holidays not worked but no extra pay.:?
  6. Yeah that's how I thought it would work, time and a half and a day off in leiu if you work the bank holiday, or if you get the bank holiday off because Monday is your usual day off (Monday and Tuesday off every week) then you get no time and a half but you still get the leiu day. Giving you 28 days holiday again either way!:?
  7. Exactly thats what I thought. We do work 7 of the 8 Bank holidays, but the way I have read the laegal stuff, it wouldimply taht we should get 5.6 weeks minus 1 day. I also read that they are NOT allowed to buy back holidays anymore.
  8. No because it's retail we have to work bank holidays (just fininshed today (August bank holiday)). Thanks for the link.
  9. Hi new to the site and this is my first thread. I work for a well known retailer (Won't mention who). It has recently been brought to my attention that the goverment has increased the minimum holiday entitlement to 5.6 weeks. This can mean that bank holidays can be taken into your entitlement if you do not normaly work on a bank holiday (e.g my wifes place of work is closed on bank holidays, hence she is not at work so each bank holiday in the year comes off her anual entitlement leaving her with approximatly 4 weeks to choose from.) Now as you will know retail work requires us to wo
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