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  1. Last weekend in the early hours of Sunday morning, about 3.30 a.m. According to the next door neighbours cctv. I had a "Order of Adjournment of Bankruptcy Petition" posted by "some big bloke" seen running away from my house. It concerns a debt from Capital 1 altogether for £787 with their charges added on. I had a Statatuary Demend in Jan 2010, . I ignored that, as I had asked the previous August for a CCJ request. Lowells were behind it. as they had ignored my CCJ req, I thought they could not take any further action. So I called their Bluff, and ignored it...
  2. Diddy.. Its early...... what are CFA lawyers /:confused: fussey
  3. So in order to SUM UP.. D,J ruled that the prescribed t&c were probabably in the accompanying leaflet. D.J ruled that D.N. was sent and was O.K. ( without seeing it ) D.J dissmissed previous court order saying that the documents were to be produced. ( saying that he had already dealt with them ). So no documents have been produced, ie, Notice of Assignment. Default notice. agreement with the prescribed terms. D.J. ignored evidence in the " Raw Data " log supplied by Cabrots, that , " application form re-scanned and sent." regarding my CCA reque
  4. O.K. time to stop sulking....... Heres how it went. Last hearing d.j. was shown that the T&C's were not the correct ones as Cabrot were saying they were. At the Last Hearing he said that subject to Cabot supplying the correct T&C's from the Agreement, then he was "Happy that the (application form ), "agreement", was properley executed.. I had argued that, the T&C's show the wrong APR and Default charges. these being £18, ( they had allways been £24. on the statements.). I also pointed out that an entry from the "raw data action log", stated that the T&C's se
  5. Hiya all. sorry I Lost.. feel like I let everyone down. Same judge, same bias. He agreed with Cabrot. Heres a short version as I have to go to work now.. Don't need to see NoA it , "would be included in the sale agreement." Shedule of accounts below, ( blank ) Yes Fussey " as I said it would already be in the Sale agreement". Did you receive a D. N. fussey? well I cant find it I dont know if one was sent..... Well on the "balance of probabilities", " I am happy that they would have sent you one, and in the absence of you not kn
  6. OH WELL, In court later on this morning (Thurs,,), Guess what ., received a third witness statement yesterday from Cabrot. Saying that the dates on the Deed of Sale for the Deed of Assignment were incorrect, and that , "after requesting my supervisor to supply the correct signed , offer for sale letter. we now have the correct date of sale." Then a copied letter saying, "1 We refer to the account sale agreement (such account sale agreemnt, as from time to time amended supplimented or novated being herein called the account sale agreement ) dated 12th Oct 200
  7. Allan, I think that just about sums up Cabrot. :grin: If only the D.J's could be made aware of how they operate. AND. AND.... the O.F.T faced up to its responcibilities...... If only... fussey
  8. Hiya All, Just a quick thought As Cabrot have previously quoted case law on Law of Contract. Can the APPLICATION FORM be defined as "an offer to treat". Then, as they sent the card, it would be "assumed" that they accepted BUT, without prior T&C's being discussed ? I have read somewhere on their conditions that "English Law" will prevail.. " DISCUSS " fussey
  9. Hiya. Is the public barristor access what it "says on the tin" will he cast his eye over your case and give an opinion? If so how do you start. and how much does it cost? fussey
  10. Bye The Bye............... Does anybody know where I can get to see a copy of.; .Goode Consumer Credit Law and Practise ( issue 30 ? ) Some excerpts have been quoted by Cabrots with poor quality photo copies. I fear they may have "cherry picked" the parts they need. My local county reference library does not have it. At about £980 a copy I can see why.......... fuss
  11. I totally agree......... We cannot and must not go down to their " Sneaky tricks". Should we start going down that route, ( much as it may be tempting to do so ). Then there are no longer any "sneaky tricks", as it then becomes "Fair Game" for both sides. With proper thought and facts, their "sneaky tricks" will ALLWAYS be shown up in the courts. Whether the D.J.'s will take heed is another matter.! sir Fussalot
  12. Patrickq...... A BARRISTOR.?.................. :eek: fussey
  13. Patrickq, Thank you for that, I can see there must have been a lot of hard work in your reply.. very much appreciated. That was going to be my "tack". Politely explain that he must take into consideration that Cabrot have now furnished 3 lots of T&C's. None of which were attached to the application form. Contrary to the Wilson descision. Should he then dismiss my argument, to please put on record why the Wilson case was not accepted. I wonder if I had showed the wrong document, the D.J. would have said "next time you come, see where you went wrong and
  14. Patrickq.,.... At last! What EVERYONE on this site knew....... Finally about to be publicised... to the wider GOOD. This can only help.. Cheers, fussey
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