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  1. OK, so as its less than 1/3 payments made, they wont need a court order, so when should I apply for a time order?
  2. I don't mind paying the Time Order, but will a court grant me the time to pay it off? Moneybarn have already issued the Termination Notice, and wont accept me to clear the arrears only. I can easily afford monthly payments and can pay the arrears off within a month, but they're just not interested. Ideally I'd like to keep the car, but if I have to give it up then I'll just have to buy a run around for a couple of months until I can afford something better. Its more an inconvenience than anything
  3. Right OK, so that's probably my only option then I take it? Any point getting a time order?
  4. Its not a VS, its a repo, and once they've sold the car it will be taken off the balance.
  5. Yes it was 14 days, and the TN was after this date. They have said I can either settle the full balance owed at £14k or hand it over. I cant pay £14k, so is the only option to VS? Would there be an option to try and obtain finance for another car, and pay off the finance on the current car and use that as a P/EX?
  6. Thanks for the reply has the date on the DN expired then? - Yes that expired on the 25th May as they cant terminate before that date so, question the TN, get it revoked - how do I question it? and you should be able to VT. DO NOT VS!! - they have offered me a full settlement, but I can't see how I can afford that, unless I try and refinance and use the car as PX. do not be forced to pay anything more than 50% esp any repo costs - they've waivered the repo costs, so long as I hand it back with no qualms on Tuesday as agreed
  7. Hello, Ive used this site before and got great advice. I now need it again. I have a Conditional Sale Agreement with Moneybarn, taken out in February 2015. I have had a few arrears, agreed a payment plan but missed one of the payments on that plan, now they have issued a termination notice. I originally complained about it as I was able to pay all of the arrears off on the 25th May, and the default required them to be settled by the 6th May. The complaint letter I received stated that they would investigate and put the default on hold until they had resp
  8. Just back from court, and the judge decided that she would allow for the order to be suspended on the proviso that the arrears are paid off by the end of March with a payment of £2000 by end of this month. Ell-enn, you've been so helpful and I cannot thank you enough for all of your work and advice. But thank you be ever so much for everything. And for those out there that are worried about evictions and repossessions, use this site and the great people and advice you get here. Its never too late to act
  9. Ell-Enn, Appeal date on Tuesday at 10.30, can we have a chat about what to expect and how to handle the hearing?
  10. last question before I go, is it worth attaching the HMRC letter I sent with the claim?
  11. Very true Ell-enn. I was told it would be done by tomorrow, but obviously it won;t be. Happy for your guidance on that
  12. My employer wouldn't guarantee the sum as I work off of a P&L therefore they wouldn't want to suggest what costs are due this month for a March payment. However I do have the letter sent to HMRC, and I can show details of this months P&L showing potential earnings for February (if that helps). In terms of what I am offering to pay it is the following: £5000 by end of February (made up of £2600 from HMRC Tax Rebate, and the rest wages and expenses) £2200 balance March 25th through wages And I am also able to maintain payments to mortgage as well as these payements of a
  13. Ell-enn, I'm goign to go to court today, have you the statement for the N244?
  14. yes, what else shall I take? I have the letter that went to HMRC with the claim and can get their reply from my accountant. Should I offer to pay them £2000 on my payday, the £3300 as and when I get the cheque from HMRC, and then to pay off the arrears by the end of March with the commission payment (with evidence from my company)
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