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  1. There will be an official announcement later on today but this was announced on Skynews. I wondered how it may affect mortgages linked to it. http://news.sky.com/story/1113378/british-bank-body-hands-libor-to-us-exchange
  2. I cant for the life of me remember where I saw it, and its driving me mad! I wont give up though.
  3. This is all beginning to open another can of worms, I was reading today about another possible wrong doing by the banks etc. Having applied for a mortgage some people were refused and passed onto a sub prime dealer. The banks it seems were setting a quota of people to allow/disallow a certain amount of applicants. Some people just accepted the sub prime deal hence the financial institution could " charge what they liked?". It made sense when reading it I hope Ive explained it clearly?.
  4. Thought this may be of interest to some that have their mortgages etc governed by LIBOR rates. Could possibly affect future mortgages ran this way. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/traders-fired-suspended-over-libor-probe-ft-023141597.html
  5. I think you will be very lucky. We to asked Ascenden if it was possible for us to do the same but they just laughed and said no. Incidentally we were with Preferred before they went bust.
  6. Thanks very much for that,very interesting.
  7. I read somewhere that Ascenden may be taken over by HML?. Has anyone seen it too I cant find it for the life of me. Also has anyone also had dealings with HML?.
  8. As the title suggests Ive just seen this article dated March I know but could it blow up into something more serious?. http://www.fool.co.uk/news/investing/company-comment/2011/03/25/barclays-probed-over-rate-rigging.aspx
  9. A thought came to mind this morning, rare thing I know. People that may have had less than perfect credit scores etc were considered sub-prime with the banks and lending institutions. On the intial application a credit check would have been carried out. What was stopping "whoever" from rejecting a perfectly good application and pushing it to the "bad" pile?. The sub prime companies could have had a % of applicants from each bank sent to them, in turn the banks get a "backhander". Someone may have made a lucrative business out of it all. It may still go on. Have I missed something with all th
  10. Havent looked in here for a few days, bit harsh if it has been removed.
  11. If its any consolation I got the same letter for about 2900!. I asked for a SAR which they sent but was the biggest load of computer printout garbage I have ever seen. They dont seem to be able to tell me how calculations for tax credits are worked out. I havent had any form of tax credits since 2004. On one of the forms they send you to fill in each year it said any overpayments will be taken out of future payments, the whole thing is bizarre to say the least. Any help would be appreciated as what to do next.
  12. These days a Bank can refuse us for having hair on our chin, any excuse at all.
  13. Did everyone get their letter from capstone informing us of their change of name?. Pity they wont change their tactics.
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