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  1. So who still says B.H. don't take court action? After 3 weeks of non payment ....due to refusal of redused payments. We have recieved a letter saying we have breeched the 1974 consumer credit act. Any advice on where to go from here. As we will still be offering the same amount and no more. As we can afford no more. If push comes to shove we will have to settle this matter in court. As we will not be pushed around by B.H. Any comments welcome good or bad!
  2. Hi! Empty arms. If this helps ....write to the person we got our reply from, agreeing to let us just communicate via letters only and respecting our wish to stop all phone calls or threats to come to our house. The reason we have made this point clear is that they have never said a wrong word to us. Anyway.......the address is as follows if it helps....... Julie Kothari BrightHouse. 5, Hercules way, Leavsden Park, Watford. Hertfordshire. WD25 7GS
  3. Not sure how the law stands regarding this matter of late fee's, but I would challenge B/H on this one. They maybe able to charge you for one week late fee's on each item. But not consecutive weeks as banks are not allowed, so why one rule for one company and one for another?
  4. Why is not clear to people that all they need to do to stop any harrisment or get calls to their door, is to tell B/H in a written a letter. Stating clearly what your wishes are (Be Blunt but not rude) and you should find that B/H are fine with you. They should be amicable enough to continue communication via letters (like they have with us). Remember that B/H staff are not gods or above the law, they are just people. Simples!
  5. Just a quick update since our last post. After only 3 calls via phone from B/H plus after us sending them a few letters asking them asking them not to ring or call in person and only to corrospond through letters, we had to send them this letter. WHICH PART OF THE LETTER SENT PREVIOUSLY DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? The letter enclosed clearly states that NO phone calls are to be made and NO calls in person to our door. Any correspondence should be clearly made in writing. We have a human right not to be harassed by your company or staff and unless a court order from a county c
  6. Update! its now bank holidayMonday and another phone call at 10.15 am. But we picked up phone and heard manageress's voice and placed phone back down. Once again at 11.20 am they rang again and left a message to ring the store about the account. Which we have totally ignored. The same way as they ignored our letter asking them clearly not to ring or call in person to our door.
  7. News update! Freecycle and Brighthouse have algimated today in response to customer care services being re-regulated. Now the company call themselves "FreeHouse" not to be confused with the general public facility of the same name. They have opened up a few stores in your local high street in a national grand opening, by no other than one of their famous store managers (Crazy George) himself. This is in sponsership with Judge Judy and the decision is final. Let the hammer fall! LOL
  8. Hi! Lefty and thanks for your reply. B/H have in the past accepted part payments when you there a few items on your account and you are willing to get it up to date in the next few weeks. This is from our past experience with our local branch in the Yorkshire Region. We have wrote another letter this evening offering to pay them a very low reduced part payment. Which more than likley will be refused as through circumstances we can not keep up the original repayments. As to dealing with any harrasment from them either verbally or physically, they are in for a shock because t
  9. Sorry to put a damper on freecycle. But from our past experience most of freecycle stuff is given away in good faith as to being used again. But about 95% of the stuff given (electrical stuff I.E. Computer, T.V. Video recorders, hoovers) are ready for the skip anyway. So contrary to you getting something good for free. You are giving them a free skip service for goods that belong in a skip. But on the bright side the remaining 5% that do give good items away. Maybe the ones your lucky enough to have dealings with. Good luck!
  10. Could anyone tell us if they have had their payments reduced? Plus does anyone know of, or has been taken to court by B/H for non payments due to refusal of B/H to accept lower payments offered? Is there a way of paying this company part payments without the issue of being taken to court or items being removed coming into the equation? We have been good customers of B/H for many years now and always tried to pay on time, the odd times we have been unable to pay on time ....we have been allowed to pay part payment on some of the items. We were told by the store manager that part p
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