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  1. Thanks cerberusalert. There is also no amount of arrears mentioned also. I am still paying them via DMP ; shall I stop this arrangement. Any link to letter that shall follow
  2. I had to start this new thread from other post because of lack of response. This is my DN posted to me on 30/11/07. I am currently on DMP with this loan with payplan. http://i864.photobucket.com/albums/ab202/cs101/DSC09106.jpg I have not received any TN but does this DN shows that it was terminated. Should I SAR Barclays? This loan was taken on August 2006. Thanks
  3. And shall I SAR them so that I know whether TN was issued or not. Can they accept DMP without first TN.
  4. I dont have the envellope to support the postal date. If I stop paying DMP will they then Terminate the account and then only shall I pursue.
  5. I am on DMP and I have not received any TN letter . What shall be my next step. This Loan has also got PPI with it. Thanks to cerberusalert also
  6. thanks nks22 No arrears shown in DN. The total amount shown was correct.
  7. Thanks mkb the date is 30/11/2007. Even the amount of arrears is not shown.
  8. http://i864.photobucket.com/albums/ab202/cs101/DSC09106.jpg Is this valid DN thanks
  9. Please can someone check whether this is valid DN
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