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  1. IanHL#They lost the case Dizzle#suspect they have been stopped from reporting to CRA "Until all claims of the Bank in respect of all of the Obligations of each Debtor have been discharged in full... No Guarantor shall in competition with or in priority to the Bank make any claim against any Debtor or any co-guarantor... nor make any claim in the insolvency of any Debtor or any co-guarantor nor take or enforce any security from or against any Debtor or any co-guarantor." source Court of Appeal considers efficacy of subordination provisions in group guarantees - Internatio
  2. So to simplify 1. They can send me a reconstituted CCA to comply with the request. 2. I can put the account in dispute, but they dont subscribe to the banking code so they can ignore this and just default the account and trash my credit file. 3. Judge Waksman has said " if a lender could not supply a copy of the loan agreement, then this automatically prevented them from using the courts to chase a debt until such time as they could come up with a copy." 4. Welcome can keep adding interest and fees until debt cleared. 5. No court action can take place and welcom
  3. although what do you think about this bit "But he confirmed that if a lender could not supply a copy of the loan agreement, then this automatically prevented them from using the courts to chase a debt until such time as they could come up with a copy." does this mean no cca no court???bit confused now
  4. Seems a reconstituted cca is okay and its all a matter of luck. What gives this guy the right to make it up as he goes along:-x Its seems the law is not the law.(for some anyway) Banks have won a partial victory against some credit card customers who have been trying to avoid their debts. A judge at the High Court in Manchester has upheld that card companies need only provide a "reconstituted" copy of the original loan agreement. It confirms that banks can still enforce debts even if the original agreement has been lost or destroyed. The ruling may a
  5. Hi I have similar issues, just started my complaint. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-finance/267167-welcome-secured-but-no.html#post3028213 Who cares about the figures, your question should be is a reconstituted cca agreement acceptable to a court. I have not seen anyone on this forum win a case with welcome for a secured loan having no cca. I would think welcome will sit on your loan until you need to sell, then hammer you to release the charge with a massive bill. Also I have heard Citi group might be buying welcome, so maybe you can do a deal then.
  6. Looking around here it looks like they will try and send me a reconstituted unsigned cca agreement, can they do this. what is the law?????The loan started april 2008
  7. I rang welcome this morning on a 0115 number about not supplying the correct CCA, he kept going off the line to speak to his line manager and said she will give me a ring to discuss the issue, I said I can talk to her now then he said she was off sick????? He said she maybe call me tommorrow but she is quiet busy, lol. I told him I would be putting the account in dispute and cancelling my direct debit as by law I should have it within 14 days, he agreed I should have it to see what I am paying for.(sounded nice guy to be honest, but a little gay) I am going to give them a ring back
  8. I am going to ring on monday, I have a contact from the letter called L Cooper who works in the customer complaints department. Anybody had any dealings. Would still like a link to a success story for having no cca on a secured loan or does welcome not take it to court if they dont have a cca just in case they lose, which I assume they would.
  9. hi Got a loan with welcome in 2007 for £6k, then 2008 got top up loan to £15k. Twice requested a CCA and each time they send me the CCA for the £6k loan, but no CCA for 15k loan. Is this normal or do I have grounds to dispute as no CCA. Also I dont want to trash my credit file, so if they have no cca and I dispute will my credit file be trashed for 6 years. Any comments welcomed, :)Lol also anybody got any links for a secured loan cca in court success story or **won** as I cant see any so not a good omen.
  10. hang on a mo you said "Had this letter from the TV police after i sent them a letter refusing them right of access!" so you sent a letter without saying who it was from ????
  11. got you, in that case file the letter into the bin. this sounds like a scare letter, cant imagine the cops getting involved in this. basically some dude on minimum wage will come knocking, you just say hit the road and shut the door, did this 2 years ago and not been back since. basically society is brainwashed to pay this, lets face it if there was a democratic vote on this asking the real people it would be gone. Let the sheep keep paying. baaaahhhhhh !
  12. scooby1022 dont try and fight the system you will lose, what you need to do is play it man. now they have your details you are screwed, so get a licence on direct debit £10 a month for 1 month then cancel, then the golden rule is do not corespond in any way with them
  13. Not had a tv license for 10 years, basically if they come to your door tell them to go away(dont let them in, tell them your name etc). Had many a letter from them but I know they are screwed. I refuse to pay for the bbc monster when people like rossy earn 15 million quid a year.
  14. Robinsonway was in administration !! Bought by the managers so is the License to collect still valid? Management buys Robinson Way from administrator - Crain's Manchester Business
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