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  1. ...another interesting and disturbing fact! In the info they have sent me under my request for info they hold on me they had loads of info which I dont know how they got i.e. my salary and the subsequent salaries as it changed over the years Also my employment status and periods of unemployment. How did they get this info as I never gave them it?
  2. I got a credit report and saw the default date. They also sent me all the info including the recorded telephone calls on a memory stick with the default date highlighted on it. It just appeared to me that they seem to be more clued up than the previous DC company. I previously followed the advice re another debt to the letter and it was spot on re a CA but this time it was an overdraft debt and there was no CA! Besides I am planning on following the previous advice as soon as it is statute barred but just wanted to know whether they could take me to court in the interim if the debt
  3. Hi guys, I need some more advice please. I send a request to arrow global for all the info they hold on me and they have sent me the info. The default date is a months away from being statute barred. I have sent a letter stating the account is in dispute and I am now going to write to HSBC to request the info from them as the info provided by arrow doesnt say i owe a debt just shows an amout the have taken over the debt. Is this sufficient to take me to court? Can they take me to court if the account is in dispute and I have notified them of this? What do I do?
  4. I have just checked my credit report and seen it on there. The default date there says 21 August 2005 - is that the default date or is it earlier as you say, i really dont know how these things work!
  5. Thank you for the response and letter kerravon. Do they need to provide me with proof that I owe the money to HSBC? And what are reasonable charges that they can add as the orig debt is £1100 and they want nearly 5K from me?
  6. It is being chased by Arrow Global and they say it is for an HSBC overdraft. When I called they said that it was defaulted in August 2005. Thats about all i know to be honest. The original debt is £1,100 and they are now claiming nearly £5K! What shall I do. Do they need to provide me with the HSBC account details so that I can enquire? Do they need to provide me with a statement of account? Now that they have said that there is no CCA I am completely stumped!
  7. Hi all, I would appreciate some help as I dont know what to do. I am being chased for an overdraft debt owed to hsbc originally £1,100 now they are chasing me for £4900!!! I sent a letter CCA letter but they responded that overdrafts are not covered and are exempt under part V. What do I do now as i cant afford to pay that debt. any help would be appreciated. should i send an account in dispute letter etc, i just dont know! Thanks in advance!
  8. I cant seem to find the account in dispute template letter, can anyone direct me please?
  9. Hi all, I dont know what to do NOW!!! I sent the standard letter to Arrow asking for a signed credit agreement and a statement of account and included the £1 required. However, they have now written back and stated that: "we do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the Consumer Credit Act" "the account arose from an overdraft facility and even if this account was regulated by the CCA Part V does not apply to this facility and there will be no executed agreement". What shall I do now. Is an overdraft not covered by CCA? How do I know the debt is mine? H
  10. Thank you for your response. I cant see the signage with the restrictions at the entry I used and all the zones merge. The zone is also more than 12 streets and I believe that it shouldnt be-is this right? There was more than 10 others cars with PCN, so I wasnt the only stupid one- it ovviously isnt clear!! Is there nothing I can do then?
  11. Can anyone please help. I parked on a single yellow line on a sunday and got a PCN. Aparantly there is something like a Controlled Parking Zone where you cant park on a single yellow line as the restrictions for Resident/Pay and Display parking applies - who knew!!!! It wasnt signed where I parked showing this restriction but aparantly if its a Controlled Parking Zone the local authority dont need to put signs up where the yellow lines are, is this true? I got this in Shephards Bush in London and now need to pay £60 in 14 days or £120 in 28 days. Please help as I have alre
  12. I wont give too much advice re DCA but I do know that any over-payment of wages remains the property of the employer and is covered by the Theft Act. However, it appears that they have opted not to follow this route and to rather go through DCA....this doesnt mean that they cant make this a criminal matter and obviously this would have implications on your return to the UK. Sorry thats just my view on it.
  13. I have just found this letter before action on one of the forum pages, however, it relates to a bank. Do you think that might be adapted so that I can send it to Lowell Portfolio? Your address Your bank's registered address Dear Sir/Madam Account Numberxxxxxxxxxxx County Court Claim Number - xxxxxxxxxx Date Issued:xx/xx/xx Letter before action Notice that you have reported data about me which is in dispute contrary to your obligations under the Banking Code and in breach of the account contract. It has come to my attention that
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