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  1. It's Parogon. The charges add up to more than the remaining balance, should I ask for a cheque for the remainder?
  2. Hi all, I am close to paying off a secured loan. The balance of £988.00 is made up of the fees and interest on fees levied over the past 7 years. I want to have these charges refunded and this will clear my balance. Should I send a letter before action and should I charge intererst.
  3. Anyone else had issues with this firm? Prior to Dec 12 I would receive emails from Newcall Primus telecom notifying me of my bill for phone/broadband. The DD would be taken 2 weeks later. Something changed in December and the "Primus" name was dropped. I no longer get email alerts to view my bill before the DD is taken. Also they have started taking the DD on the 1st of the month instead of the 14th. And now they have taken the March payment on 27th Feb. Which means they have taken 2 direct debits in Feb. Also, I have been charged for going over my broadband limit. They did not
  4. I'm writing to Paragon where I have a secured loan. Can I ask for a default notice fee of £50 to be refunded?
  5. I SAR'ed Paragon and they only sent me copies of the statements of the account (which I already have). They go on to say that... "whether certain information must be disclosed depends on whether it is 'personal data' and how it is stored" They then go on to claim that other information is not held digitally but on paper or microfiche; this information does not fall within the ambit of section 7 of the DPA. Can they really think that people will believe that they don't hold information on individuals' accounts digitally. Everytime I speak to them they access previous communication, w
  6. I've now received a letter from Red threatening all sorts of action. Should I write to them explaining that I have no knowledge of the account number they allege I owe money to, or should I acknowledge receipt of the non-compliant CCA for Morgan Stanley but ask for a CCA for the BC account from which the copy statements have been sent? Or should I just ignore them?
  7. Bazooka Boo It's the "original Barclaycard account" 16 digit number. And, no I didn't sign a new agreement for BC.
  8. The two sets of statements they sent me were for a Morgan Stanley card, which then morphed into a Barclaycard after the takeover; I recognise both of these. But the Barclaycard referred to in the demand letter has a completely different number.
  9. I've been having correspondence with Lowell about a Barclaycard debt. They sent me a letter demanding payment quoting a Barclaycard account number which I know nothing about. I wrote to them saying I didn't recognise the debt and they, in return, sent me statements from two separate credit cards - neither of which had the Barclaycard account number originally quoted (and which they are still quoting)! They've also sent a CCA for a Morgan Stanley CC (which I think is unenforceable for lots of reasons). What should I do? Should I again write that I don't recognise the Barclaycard accou
  10. NPower have charged me for a visit to my house by one of their agents, apparently for a chat . It wasn't arranged and I wasn't informed that they were coming. Can they do this?
  11. I have paid one pcn direct to the council via the council's website. The other pcn is being disputed - I've sent a statuary declaration (out of time) to the court. So there is no council debt; only bailiff charges. They have charged 2 x £11.20 letter fee and 2 x £28.00 for the first visit plus £160.00 "attendance charges".
  12. If you have 2 pcn's outstanding, can the bailiff charge 2 x the visit fee of £28.00 when visiting just once. Also if you have paid the debt direct to the council can the bailiff still use the warrant to levy distress to cover their fees.
  13. Vicki202 Fantastic news. I didn't realise how corrupt bailiffs were until I recently had dealings with them (and read a few threads on here). The abuse of power and, more seriously, the thuggish behaviour of some is staggering. They prey on people who are vulnerable, scared, desperate and ignorant of the law. They misrepresent their powers and fraudulently charge for the work they (supposedly) do. Websites like this would not exist if banks, dca's and bailiffs did not try to profit (unfairly and unlawfully) from the misfortune of others. WELL DONE ONCE AGAIN. DON'T LET T
  14. Bazooka Boo I already have. dx I initially sent a basic hardship letter taken from the templates off this site. Then I sent a letter offering £20.00 with the balance to be refunded. When Lloyds stonewalled me I simplly sent this: Lloyds TSB Charlton Place SP10 1RE 11th May 2011 Your ref: xxxxxxxx Acc no. xxxxxxxx Dear Mr. Stephen, Thank you for your reply dated 3rd May 2011, to my letter of complaint regarding the excessive charges levied by you on my current account. I have been reviewing the bank’s conduct across all of my Lloyds
  15. After a couple of letter to and fro (hardship plea, good customer etc.) , I received a letter from Lloyds stating they would NOT refund any of the charges and that I should take it up with the Banking ombudsman. I wrote back saying that I would now be requesting a SAR for the 4 accounts I held in the past including a personal loan account with PPI. A week later they refunded the charges!!!! Still going ahead with the SAR.
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