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  1. Pretty much exactly as I said, can you post up your agreement minus sensitive data so that someone can suss out if it is enforceable or not and perhaps suggest a course of action as a result? catch 22 is that if it turns out that it is unenforceable you will be kicking yourself for having paid so much so far!
  2. I see what you are saying, and of course its possible, I would have thought that most of the people who have no intention of paying just do a runner and rarely have the sense/IQ to try to catch them in red tape etc, its quite a risk to rely on them screwing up the CCA anyway lol. I also can imagine that this kind of customer could have an impact on how some brighthouse staff treat customers - guilty until proven innocent
  3. I think thats unfair really. If they have broken the law then then they should be the ones to suffer, not the customer. thinking along those lines you could say exactly the same for anything ie bank charges, it said on the contract when you opened your account that you would be charged x for returned DD etc and when you did fail a DD you got charged, is it not the same to then reclaim them later? I look at it this way, unenforceable=unfair, and 100% of the time if its unfair then its unfair in favour of the creditor and so if we can prove it to be unfair then why not. its not about
  4. I just thought I'd add that I received 4 default notices today through the post, for £3.00 each, late payment fees, no default notice for late payments though?
  5. Hello CAG, after being off sick at work for a while I have fallen behind with payments for the first time in 2 years of being associated with brighthouse. I have a washer and fridge freezer which we have had since the beginning, a laptop which we had since about feb this year (since the last one we had broke down and they convinced my partner to take another one instead of repairing) and a TV since April. Payments have ended up at about £190 a month (as I was paying 4-5 weeks in advance each time I got paid) and it was ok until a few things went wrong, my partner was made redundant a
  6. that bit really frightens me! it makes you wonder if companies would actually stoop that low...
  7. Thanks guys, printing a CCA out now... will let you know if they respond!
  8. The DCA is lowell portfolio, and the solicitor is hamptons. I don't recall having received a notice of assignment, however on my credit file the amount shows as owing to Lowell and not Cap One as it was originally!
  9. ~Hello Caggers, I have recently been gently reminded (by the dca) of a CC debt I had in 2006. The dca have been calling me endlessly, (I have been refusing to acknowledge DPA checks as with them calling me they cannot prove they are who THEY say they are!) but letters have arrived from them, a doorstep collection agency saying they will call AND now a solicitor says that they may issue proceedings without notice. This isn't a 'without prejudice' letter so I'm not sure that they would go ahead without a proper letter before action, or am i way off with this? I'm concerned that if
  10. Thanks for those Martyn, and cheers for the compliance address postggj. I'll print those and get them sent on tuesday, get ready welcome, I'm coming after ya!
  11. Cheers Postggj, Where can I find templates for SAR and CCA request? I have read the welcome thread, (not wholly but i spent a good couple of hours getting the gist of it!) what a read, i want to get sorted before they fall apart completely which i suppose could make things a bit more difficult!
  12. Hello CAG, I have been reading the forum a little with particular interest in welcome and increasingly I think that I have been screwed by these cowboys. in 06 I originally went to carcraft in Sheffield and purchased a car for £5k (financed by 'you know who'), I took out all the insurances as the oh-so-helpful salesman from Ucan said that I would get a better rate of interest if I took them out and pretty much refused to remove PPI from the agreement. I then took out a personal loan for £1000, this time i can't remember which, if any, insurance i took out. in 08 I was strugglin
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