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  1. Hi all, It's been a few weeks since I posted this but I'm pleased to say that our local council finally saw sense and have offered us a full refund of the planning fee. Although they've continued to miss the point of our complaint and focused on a couple of addtional minor issues we've naturally accepted the offer.
  2. Hi all, It's been a few weeks since I posted this but I'm pleased to say that our local council finally saw sense and have offered us a full refund of the planning fee. Although they've continued to miss the point of our complaint and focused on a couple of addtional minor issues we've naturally accepted the offer.
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the replies. I've not yet spoken to the CC provider re the clawback but will seek their advice. The proposed development now falls under the new Neighbour Consultation Scheme which governs rear single storey extensions. This new application process is totally free and from what I've read so far there's no less work for the council to do. I think I'll continue to pursue matters further with the council for the time being as the situation does seem ludicrous. However, if I get no joy I'm tempted to let the application runs its course and then request the clawback a few months down the line and see what the council does. I realise that this may be a slightly risky strategy but I'm livid with their current attitude.
  4. Thanks dx. I've paid £172.00 to my local council's planning department as I've applied for planning permission for a conservatory. However, I was unaware, despite having checked with them, that the planning legislation had changed a few days before I made the application and the council won't refund it.
  5. Once you'd paid for something on a credit card how long do you have to request your card provider claw the funds back if you're unable to get a refund from the party you made the payment to?
  6. Earlier this year (late April /early May) I verbally sought advice from my local planning department as I'm looking to have a conservatory built. I was advised that as I live in a semi-detached property I could project 3 metres from the existing rear of my house without permission but any further I'd need to subject a planning application. Having now employed an architect and submitted the plans on 31st May I've recently discovered that the legislation in my area has now changed, as of 30th May, meaning that formal permission is no longer needed for the 4 metre projection of the proposed development. As you'll appreciate I feel misled. So having submitted the plans and paid the fee before the application could be validated and registered I feel that I've wasted significant funds which the council have refused to refund on the grounds that the application has been validated and registered. Does anyone have any advice on whether it's feasible to continue pursuing this with the council?
  7. As this remains unresolved I think it's now time to refer matters to their Ombudsman so that they can be reviewed on an independent basis. Also, check your credit file and if they've record a default I'd contact the CRA's to add a Notice of Correction to explain that the account is subject to a dispute.
  8. Firstly welcome to CAG. Whilst there is no doubt other people on here who are better qualified to answer this for you I'll give it a go. The serving of a S10 / S12 Notice under DPA requests that the company in question remove adverse information from your credit file and / or removing your details from their records on the grounds that it is incorrect and causing unwarranted distress and inconvenience. However, it's not a sure fire way of getting the outcome you desire as the company is likely to reply stating that the info is correct and as such will remain recorded on the basis that it is required for credit vetting purposes. So we can help further are you able to provide any further details re your complaint?
  9. If they've made no indication that they'll seek to take matters further at the point of requesting repayment I'd say that it's unlikely they will do so now. What proof had they come by which led them to believe that your partner still lived with you? Should matters take a turn for the worse and they seek a prosecution let us know.
  10. For help with the court processes seek out 42man from the Site Team he's got experience of handling these before.
  11. If you've not yet sent your letter then don't bother just ignore it. If you have then all you can do is await their reply. Has you accessed your work car park via the one they monitor has this happened to you and anyone else you work before with at all?
  12. In actual fact the reply provided is literally copied word for word from the bottom 2 questions from the Q&A section of the statement they issued here: http://news.o2.co.uk/2012/10/12/o2-network-disruption-12-october/ I'd give it one final go and request either a refund of the days rental or a deadlock letter. If they refuse to issue one then just wait 8 weeks from when you first raised your complaint and then approach their Ombudsman.
  13. That's the spirit. If you remain calm and unfazed by their future threats I'm sure that in a few months time you'll wonder what you were so worried about.
  14. I appreciate that you want to do what you feel is law abiding and my relative had just these sort of doubts. To convince them to ignore it I offered to pay whatever a court awarded in the highly unlikely event it went that far. And in the end it didn't. Like the others have said you're taking this far much to heart and at the moment they're succeeding with their attempts to pressure you. File the letters away and forget about it. Trust us, they'll go away soon enough and you'll look back and wonder what you were so worried about.
  15. I completely endorse Michael Browne's take on this. A relative of mine received such a charge notice from Parking Eye just before Christmas and was minded to pay it. After researching things for them I convinced them to do nothing and a few letters and months later and they've heard nothing more. If you ignore it and receive other letters which concern you come back to CAG and we'll reassure you that nothing will happen.
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