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  1. I really dont know what to do. they have said they will only accept £1000 And its something I cant afford
  2. Thanks for that, humm yeah I'm very wary, think I might re ask them to email it. Thanks
  3. Yeah that's what I thought, I did think its best to have it in writing myself. Thanks for that tho.
  4. They emailed me today and said they have a response from their client but they want my number so they can discuss it. I'm not sure if I should talk to them or to keep everything by email. Any thoughts. Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone, yes there are differences on the amounts quoted even before the wp letter, the first one said that it was between 2500 and 3000 no mention of vat and then the next one was £3000 plus vat as a reasonable settlement. This was said because of the postponement they had to.do four months work I dont see how to be honest and one of my questions will be can you produce all dates and times. the offer is up till close of business tomorrow so I will let you know.
  6. Okay, just thinking, the solicitor has first said that costs to date in one letter is approx £3000 plus vat which is £3600 now there saying it is £5000 ( vat wasn't mentioned ) in another letter which was the without prejudice now could I use this letter as evidence to prove that they are trying to profit out of this case? Any thoughts?. Thanks
  7. SweetLorraine you do make a very good point about the costs. In there first settlement offer they said they client had spent £3000 and then £1600 to go to court and in the letter i Recieved today it was said it was a reasonable offer considering there client had spent £5000 in costs preparing the case I had withdrawn.
  8. hi just to let you know they have come back with a offer of without prejudice and rejected my offer and said they would accept £1500 and said I cannot use that letter in the courts. of course because of my dmp I cant accept this. So it will be rejected. Thanks
  9. They did so before the first hearing, they did say it would be £2500-£3000 if it proceeds to a final hearing (there wording). Then I received a letter stating they were applying for costs of £3000 plus Vat with a final hearing costs of £1600 plus vat. Hope that helps thanks
  10. Thanks sweetlorraine, I do appreciate everyone's help. If they don't agree then I have my bundle and statement ready and I will just have to pray for the best.
  11. Thank you!! Yes it is that friday I have sent them all copies of my dads illness also copies of my dmp. I have also done what somebody suggested and sent them a settlement figure that doesnt impact my dmp, they have till thurs to decide. I want you to understand I have done this because of the stress im going through right now with my dad. I dont live near my parents which makes things harder. I weighed up the pros and cons I could lose that is a reality and I need closure because its affecting me. some might not agree but I thought it was the best for me to do. I have said to them
  12. No sweetlorraine not as of yet. I'm not entirely sure if they have to do they?
  13. I was reading that as well that the prejudice to save costs cannot be used in court. So if I did make a offer how can I prove to the judge that I have tried a remedy before hand and the case Still went to court. Also the respondant made a offer to me that wasn't a prejudice to save costs I imagine that they intend to use it in court like the costs warning. Thanks for asking that.
  14. I have actually emailed them today including copies of fathers sick notes for cancer, my work schedule and also a document explaining about leave. I have also included a copy of my DMP so they can see how much debt im in and also that I have no means to payment so they also have that information.
  15. I asked the tribunal and I just have to take my bundle and copys on the day. its going to go on the new rules.
  16. Thanks for that. I received the et letter with the date on and stating if I wish to send a bundle I must do before 7 days of the trial. Thanks
  17. hi there, thank you I am aware of the above and the chances of costs been awarded because of the postponement and withdrawal of the claim. To be honest I do have all supporting evidence and I went through my bundle yesterday and can put forward a strong case. also I dont think its as cut and dry situation where you postpone and withdraw you will get costs awarded as in derwents case.
  18. Thanks honeybee, Basically I have a application of costs hearing and I need to know what happens, they have said its a public hearing and I'm really scared. I don't know what to expect or what will happen. I am starting to write my statement now. Will the other side be able to bring witnesses, do I send off my statement and bundle before hand? Thanks in advance
  19. hi there I have my court case for the 25th October, Any advice would be great!
  20. very true and especially when there would of been a high. Risk. Maybe they have to allow it and maybe she was warned by the judge.
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