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  1. yes iv received a letter from mbna also stating that my personal info has been compromised asking me to call them but i have no credit or for that matter any money
  2. no i havent - the claims company have it and will proceed to court once the case has been receieved by the solicitors however i am a little wary of these companies but have 3 cases going through with them mbna - cca no agreement egg - cca no agreement barclaycard - cca no agreement hence my confusion when carter sent his letter as im sure there will be no grounds for them to proceed i could cca them myself and post the response up here ?
  3. ok so in laymans terms what happened gh with regard to that case what is the next move here will he write again to me i have cca d egg through a claims company before and they could not provide one this case may go to court waiting on the solicitor
  4. so will he now go to northampton covered in carey? what does he mean by this letter of course he should have passed it on a he is the one that will rely on this in court surely cheers guys / gals ding ding round 1
  5. morning guys n gals so an update - carter sent me a letter back dear sir we thank you for your letter dated 23rd january 2010 requesting documentaion we return herewith your payment of £1.00 as you need to request this direct from our client but in the meantime you must continue payments as agreed the address is as follows egg bankin plc et etc etc your s faithfully bryan carter and co the thing is i havent made a payment to egg for 14 months now
  6. iv got a thread rning for that yes m ill keep that on eupdated once get some legal aid sar ? 6 years and a debt cannot be enforced? i coming up to 16 months so far and iv only received my first letter from carter keep you guys posted and thanks for being around
  7. can i ask one question here regading this case di he win or not sorry to butt in but i have a case exactly the same being dealt with by solicitors
  8. regarding cca s i will wait until they make their movesa s i have an invoice financing court action with hsbc which is proving problematic and need to get my legal aid if he does not respond within the alloted time which letter should i send next i am keeping everything filed away under each credit card , it is weird because i had a load of correspondence at first but now its really quietened down lets sleeping dogs n all that - so for now ill keep you guys updated on carter issues thansk guys really appreciate the help
  9. roget that m will have alook at anything i have from egg - regarding carter i sent the cca last week i believe it was tuesday pm - what is the next step with himself and the cca , does he ahve a time limit to respond? im dealing with debtors as they arrive iv not sent any more cca s as nothing has landed on the mat yet wise or no cheers
  10. is this issue to with carter or rent arears sorry got a bit confused what form will this be found upon cheers m beena abusy week for carter and shoosmiths and me hi subber what does this mean subbing?
  11. back with community legal aid again have emaled them explaing to them that the s called legal aid company of solicitors wil not help me unless i am having mental health issues? will keep everybody posted cool
  12. cheers cat ill give it a go but i think iv already travelled this route will keep this posted cheers
  13. I Agree Totally I Am Behind On Payments But This Could Be Addressed Im Sure My Concern Is When My Deal Is Up Next Year Will They Offer Me A New Mortgage As I Have Got Behind On Payments
  14. ok so far so good iv loaded that thread and will wait to se what happens next thanks m spending a lot of time on here but all good really good maybe ill get some sleep tonight
  15. i used hsbc for invoice financing in september 2008 to cover the recession period- they offered me ip of 50 % on 10000 per week its a very tricky and difficult problem to discuss nevertheless they entered into the agreement and then started to give me 20% which in essence is why my company went bust - worse cashflow than if i had left them alone i gave them a ledger of 60000 they gave me around 40000 of this and i left it at that they now have come back asking for 12000 that they say i owe them for debt they never collected its true i never even saw the other 20000
  16. i have tried to apply for legal aid but say i need to have mental health issues is this right has anybody applied for legal aid - if so how did you get on it if you can help me out id be very grateful bump
  17. cheers m i think about bancruptcy quite a lot thinking its the easiest option but feel i can fight if i put my mind to it its gonna be a long road but as i have no job no work no life except this now i am gona give it a go thanks for the suppport there m i have other issues with for instance hsbc invoice fiancing and also my car is now in default where should i put these threads? thansk for the help - it will be passed on i guarantee that thanks all
  18. hi there ell i have been u / e for just under a year - i am getting relief from the government but only 2/3rds of the total mortgage which works out to 927 ( the exact amount i can get to you if required) there has been a shortfall for the past year of 400 pm plus one outstanding payment of 1400 making 3000 hence shoosmiths getting involved , they wrote to me about the shortfall and im pretty sure they dont know my circumstances as they wrote back very quickly saying if i paid 100 pm over two years the account would balance over the next 2 years really as i cannot rectify my sit
  19. m u r helping me out its much appreciated - im gonna post for carter here and then open up threads for other cases elsewhere - am i on the right track here as my situation changes will i receive more aid cheers in hope its all i got left
  20. i have received my first letter from shoosmiths regarding my my mortgage arrears which is 3000 - i sent them the document that oulines my circumstances ie ingoings outgoing sorry peeps im not up to date with the jargon yet but im sure i will be by the end of this debacle they accepted 100 per month which is fine and affordable the problem is that my shortfall each month is 400 anyway hence the arrears so its just a matter of time before i either get -a repossesion order ( i presume ) or another letter regarding the issue what can i do ??if anybody is in the same situation or has -any
  21. guys i have issues with shhosmith for my arrears on my mortgage i dont know where to post my questions can -anyone help i really worry that -as soon -as my mortgage defaults -again im in trouble th:cry:anks
  22. hi there im in a similar situation with shoosmiths - they sent me a form to put down what ingoings outgoings i have -and told me to pay 100 per month over the next 2 years the problem is i will go straight back into arrears as i have 1400 pound mortgage but the goverment only gives me 1000 per month im unemployed heavily in debt worried sick - what can i do to stop the inevitable letter form shoosmiths iv read lots of this string it pertains to myself but slightly different as i am unemployed single please if there is help here i would love some advice
  23. cheers people im looking @ 1 from scm solicitors - notice of court proceedings , this is wth lloyds so im gonna cca this lot see what occurs here keep u all posted on progress with it scm solicitors - lloyds boys rsvp
  24. ok cca sent so wait n see with it i suppose sent registered post filed away
  25. hi guys the bryan carter appreciation society - id like to ask if anybody has an address for public enemy no 1 i have - de havilland drive, weybridge, surrey, kt13 0nt cheers just sending him a cca to chew on
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