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  1. iv now sent this letter - ill post the response 7447 if i may ask , have we a response anywhere to this letter
  2. ok being in the exact same situation myself i refer you to your accountant who would have been involved at some stage i agree with the liquidation line (something i did) ok so as far as it looks it would seem that the debt dies with the company thats why its called ltd solicitor may be of help here to clarify i was ltd also
  3. did you wind up where you closed down did you liquidate through an assigned company - if so these overdue accounts/stock become owned by that company the debt collector should be directed to them speak to your accountant - he was involved in the matter surely one more question ltd or self emplyed
  4. was there a personal guarantee PG on theses debts?iv read the thread but are you sure no pg no debts the companies must go to the liquidator assingned did you do the liquidating yourself or was it forced upon you
  5. i have about 8 on my case if not more some are tougher than others however all the info is really helpful - knowledge is power well done cag
  6. amended and being sent today shall i send regeistered so i know they have received it 7447 what will i expect back on this please? i read and understood thanks
  7. ok that sounds good i was going to send a cca for thta particular account but what if i may ask is a prove it letter 7447 - do you have something i can use for them please process starts differently for this account?
  8. i thinks its for a bank account pretty sure actually but could be a credit card i have so many of the buggers lurking around
  9. ok that good to hear thankyou i have a final notice here stating if i do not agree a repayment withing 14 days court action may door step may be the next step anybody had the same notice if so what happens next attack or defend? cheers all
  10. Dear forum i have received a final notice from westcot credit services - can i ask if anyone has had dealings with them cheers affirmative action
  11. cheers i need a good laff all good so far i found some pounds under the bed im gona do soem cca s not much fun on benefits onwards and upwards o how the mighty fall
  12. dns tns guys love the abbs but im new to this stuff default notice i guess s dn tn? lost ill get there cheers its gonna be a fun 5 years by the looks of things
  13. ok gh s letter sent registered thanks guys any notes i should be taking? im subbing a lot of threads at the moment , wish i could be of help to some of the people on here but with great knowledge and all that blah what next
  14. omg its a deep rabbit hole blue pill or red pill it seems
  15. right guys iv got the kind of idea here of what i am dealing with - the automated letters have been rollingb through the leterbox for quite some time now but what with the amount of people out there with the same problems im just one of millions so ill send gh s letter today see what we get next shall i send registered again? when you say years how many ? cool thanks again
  16. so now i have two letters im not sure which is the one to send
  17. whats wrong here im confused my jargon gh
  18. ok confused a bit m so i dont send the letter
  19. thats going in the post registered post today see what we get next
  20. thanks m iv read it over and if i may ask in laymans terms the arguement lies in the facts that if the supposed creditor does not adhere to " I refer to your letter dated (date) in which you confirm that you are unable to comply with my formal request pursuant to s.78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Furthermore, you confirm that you will continue to make unlawful demands for payment contrary to s.78(6) of the CCA 1974 and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPUTR). I would remind you of your obligations - If it is your view that you are not the c
  21. cheers m i await that response thanks
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