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  1. not my car not my reg not my name just delivered to my house he has maneged to use my address for his car heard of this before but never think its gonna be you
  2. what will happen next ? normally anothet threat letter followed by a county court action from northampton ccj for him but it will be attatched to this property which is my main concern
  3. hi postggl so iv checked the reverse side and there is no picture or photo
  4. ok here is the congestion charge notice i received at my house thing is tis is not my car nor my name an ideas forum? not gonna wait for letter 3 but there is no address for correspondence apart from to pay the F??£$ERS
  5. here is their very kind letter for forum to see i think a cca would be a good idea however its not got to the court action letter remember these are letter cycles guys any ideas ?? thanks for the notification forum
  6. thanks martin30 30 iv read it through once and will look again later in more depth i suppose a cca on rma would be the first line of attack ill do that and see what they come up with
  7. hi there im just jumping in here as i have a very similar case like you breakanegg i would suggest you also go for legal aid they can help you with your mortgage arrears and maybe more see my link rma ltd
  8. Another day another letter it seems looks like its silly season for printing as the new budgets come up in april this one is from barclaycard has anybody had dealings with this loverly lot ill post up the letter later its a do not ignore letter in bold like they are shouting at me thanks omighty forum:confused:
  9. Hi guys and gals just asking around regarding DEBT MANAGERS LTD , its about my barclays bank loan i think , the amount looks similar im getting on top of this mountain of debt but each day another letter another colour another company another threat arrives ,im sure you all know what i mean So they have now started sending letters to my dads house which is embarassing enough - is this legal ? has any other memeber had this happen to them?Has anybody had dealings with this unsavoury bunch? I was gonna cca them ? slow em down i thought? Any ideas
  10. right this is the original document that egg sent to me again its is a facsimile no original paper document with the ink of my signature ?
  11. i keep looking at the default agreement that carter sent - is that valid as it has no details and i cannot rememeber ever receiving one and surely it would of had my details on it also i am going to get the egg agreement up (the original) from egg to compare so then there will be two up has anyone had experience of this pincer movement
  12. the meat is here there are many many statements how do i upload these as a bundle m thanks for lookingin
  13. keeps saying its an invalid file grrrrrrr can i have a step by step on this again m i uploaded the scans they are now in photobucket however when i save and upload it says ts an invalid file sorrrreee help
  14. ok the empire strikes back i cca d egg they sent me a signed documment now carter has sent one to me thanks for any assistance that can be given im on JSA so i dont have any money my house is in negative equity so theres no money in bankrupting me i wonder exactly what they can do ? ill upload the rest of the docs in a while
  15. ill sort it out tuesday gh2008 thanks for the help
  16. great letter stopped him in his tacks illl post the lette up as soon as my scanner starts working in the meantime i cca d egg - they came up with an agreement, ill check if they got it to me in time its 12 days from posting am i right - long days and sleepless nights however thank to this site and all the help its slowly turning
  17. i have fallen behind with payments on my loan car , its a lease car from my company , iv tried to keep up with payments but yesterday a man came round to collect the car i told him i had moved as i was loathe to let the car go does anybody have any info that might aid me to keep the car im about 6k behind on payments lost cause? thanks forum
  18. hi thanks for that - its a lease car from my liquidated company so id say it is the former? commercial bump
  19. a repossesion agent arrived today looking for me i told him i wasnt there and had moved i noticed his papers pertained to my car finance agreement and i presumed he was there to pick the car up iv paid about 2k last year of 5k and ai fear its going further overdue hence their visit close credit management are definatley a debt collection agency tried to speak with them regarding the account but now a henchman has turned up what can/ could i say to him and if anybody knows , what are my rights thanks
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