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  1. looking at my first case it dosent look promising although i would like to fight them a bit confused as i want to take them on but it doesnt look good does it forum
  2. im off to the cab tomorrow i have researched bancruotcy before and i feel thta it may no be the way forward thansk for all your help gh2008 - its been very helpful and ill keep you updated as to my progress thanks again
  3. afternmoon guys n gals thans for the thread there m it makes good reading and it looks like my agreement is the same but a second opinion would be great if so do i send a template letter to BC and if so which letter would suit any help greatly appreciated thansk for all the info and talks its been a great help still wonder if Bancruptcy is the best option if i dont have any money i might as well fight
  4. ditto discuss i cant do BC is not going to be a goer however id like to discuss these issues bump
  5. ok tell me more about being director of a company gh2008 this gets interesting - i used to run a limited company i went into liquidation then the dump for me they have to bankcrupt me or i fall on my sword i dont fancy faling on my sword i can get the debt paid off in a few years i dont want to muck up my credit rating in the future as i can get rid of my five fugure mostly unenforceable debt as well surely in my thinking , the banks get nothing if i go Bc so its not in their interests to do this to me good afternoon forum thansks lads the brain is awake
  6. id would be very interested in that M - please PM me how does it work that i dont lose my house? id be interested in hearing your point M its debt that of course i have thought yeah go bankcrupt however im constantly reviewing the situation i dont think iv got much to lose cheers
  7. i do own a home yes and i have a mortgage i have considered belly up its not a good prospect but is an option - second charges against my property - i dont dispute some debts are owed its just how they can be repaid and once i have got these debts in order i can get back to work you say you are fighting as well ?
  8. ok where should i look for this m im gonna go to the cab on monday to get some more advice and have someone represent me as i cannot pay these debts cheers for looking in
  9. termination letter 23 april 2009 default notice 26 march 2009 thanks
  10. iv found my default notices from 2009 /EGGDEFAULTNOTICES005-2.jpg[/img]
  11. its just a bit desperate for people to be forced to work in industries like this what a sad world we have grown up into some sad scrote in a dark room calling people up harrassing them for money for 12500 only 19 knows no better
  12. mothers ruin have you tried a bramble? so cca then guys
  13. ok so cca do they call you tf - if so why u called dd ? happy sunday posting
  14. gonna need some template letters and a crisis loan form the dole help
  15. dicky dicky what did you get from companies house - worth a carrot? got any templates of letters sent to either ill send em just for my records when i have some money cheers
  16. any good sorry first timer To Whom it may concern I live at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I opened this letter ( original provided )and note that VICTOR BENETAR is not someone who is or has lived here and see that he has somehow registered his motor vehicle details at my address Can you help me solve this query Kind regards
  17. ok will do its irritating as the debt is not even mine so im having to protect myself against something that has absolutely nothing to do with me i wonder how they manage to get these cars registered at addresses so letters monday ill come up with a leeter tomorrow and post it up see what is thought of it
  18. tfl 1 rep and a notice dvla - notice tec - notice 4 letters ? correct thanks for looking in - iv dealt with parking tickets etc etc and they dont seemt o go away very easily the worst thing is that as its normally governement or council resposes are slow or dont respond at all and just send em off to northampton i could wait until it gets to that stage i suppose and when they take it to court i respond ill do it early see what i get back pain in the hole time i dont have to waste
  19. reps? que? 3 notices - what will i notify them of - that the charge is invalid as nobody of that name resides here! 4 letters 3 notices and reps sorry a bit lost there lamma
  20. thanks lamma so send 3 letters all special delivery do you have a template letter i can alter to my own needs i thought it might get messy
  21. Cheers bazooka ill keep this updated as i receive letters from them howver its a letter cycle if it heats up it will be ineteresting cheers again
  22. hi forum i get these letter cycles for another yes another debt ill post which company later when iv been through my library to work out who it is im worried ill get a cap in my ass from some gangsta geeza what with the name n all anybody know of these twerps and what the moa is??? thanks forum
  23. thanks all i will do a cca on them monday and will keep you posted just out of interest what is tyhe time scale for return of documents 12 days iv read
  24. ok guys panic over ill send a letter to the dvla with a photocopy of said contravention and see what happens next shall i ask for compo for phone calls ha ha thanks ill keep you posted
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