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  1. i have recently opened up my goods that were packaged and stored in my garage for me 6 months ago i used the firm for my house move : a north london removal firm.:mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2: Everything so far is accounted for apart from a vintage rolex - no terms and conditions were signed nor was an inventory made any ideas where i go with this one thankyou oh mighty forum
  2. Oh Powerful forum !! i am entering into a sub lease on some office space - is there any information out there good or bad
  3. i v been done over in portugal lost everything in my car, direct line told me im not covered due to not having the green card however iv been advised they have to insure me when overseas any advice form the mighty forum:-x
  4. so you must have already been taken to court in order for them to get a warrant of entry?? bump
  5. buzzby it looks like they have already got judgement therefore you need to apply to have it set aside or it a hoax bump
  6. as far as i know they cannot get a warrant of entry without first taking you to court ?? bump
  7. can anyone help with this one - its just iv had to put my house on the market and its selling as we speak so that a good thing however just to know - if i decide to pull out say for instance due to a better offer etc etc change of mind , am i obligated to pay the estate agent his fees- if so is this law or just contractual thanks forum
  8. how many different dc s does catles own? does this company have other trading names?
  9. i have few threads going on different problems - main problem is debt some pg s some not im unemployed presently but will eventually im sure find work however things have gone quiet on the letter cycle front and managed to bat most of em back so far im pretty buggered i reckon but have no dependants so wonder whether doing a dissappearing act for a long time might be the answer ??? otherwise ill just deal with each ball as it is bowled i suppose
  10. so even if they enforce it at that point ( 5 years ) if i do not acknowledge it for a further 6 years it will drop off my credit file i realise now that they can wait until the 5th year and then reset the clock by ccj ???
  11. thanks for defining that for me dx so basically its 12 years they can chase but if you dont acknowledge its statute barred after that?
  12. o mighty forum statute barred? if i do not acknowledge a debt for 6 years it becomes statute barred whether or not i have a ccj? does the debt start again at the date of the ccj is my credit file cleared after 6 years thanks to the ether
  13. i have been advised by an old financial advisor of mine to speak to the company above with a view to being able to help me clear my debts - before i part with any money i.e. 399 poooond to get a cca and pas it on to a solicitor does any one have any dealings with this band of fleecers? cheers n gone
  14. cheers johnnymitch iv just e mailed the court and will probably have to go down there to ask for an extension but wonder if this is possible and what forms i need to fill in - as usual the court will not offer advice to the point of not telling people which forms they need to fill in as they always say you must seek legal advice grrrrrrr swings n roundabout and iv been on quite a few i have a meeting with CAB on tuesday luckily any offer of advice is greatly appreciated
  15. I have received this today form the courts i need more time to defend as my pro bono solicitor has not come through yet due to the CAB being a bit slow can anyone advise on how i would go about getting an extension to this order
  16. thankyou citizenB well the update is that iv been to CAB who were very reluctant but finally agreed to give me an interview for a PRO BONO solicitor to read over my case at first they referred me to the business debt line but thankfully i had a lovey girl who gave me lots of good advice and directed me to notify CAB that they must give me a referral for pro bono it does not work any otherway so stage two now is wait to get a meeting for a pro bono and hope they will read over my case updates as the case continues - have until may 7 th to file a defense my one conceretn i
  17. so if i need to move a lodger in to cover the mortgage as im only geting 2/3 rds paid i cannot do it a the OR will take this off me as income thanks for the info
  18. thanks for that debtinfo this one is a bit more dificult to answer so ill throw it out as im unsure how this would work if i get up to date and then decide to rent my house can i rent it all out and move to a family member as if i carried on it wolud end up back into arrears cheers mighty f
  19. Dear Forum does anybody know what wil happen to my home if i decide to go bankcrupt its in negetive equity im unemployed and the goverment pays two thirds of my mortgage im in arrears which is another worry about 3000 and now stabilised if anybody can help me out id be very grateful all hail
  20. cheers man i just been to a CBT test - waste of time , they told me under my circumstances i should be feeling like i do thanks a bunch so imp can i ask - do you have any assets they could take? did you hav anything to lose thats a big wedge man, do you owe more than that - mine total 80000 all in all
  21. well well well im certainy in the boat of impending ccjs - how did you go about getting £1 per month to each debtor do you have a template letter? cheers imp
  22. yeah they can take charges against my home but what if in the future i can pay the debts off and say for instance if CAB organises paymenst so i only pay 1 pound per month then what about that option i know i can repay theses debts but it may take another year for me to get back on my feet proper but they are payable maybe you guys can help me fight em off with a dirty stick dipped in dog mess bump
  23. i had the place valued last year and its in negative equity dont think much would have change this year
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