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  1. Where can i find this information oh mighty forum
  2. oh mighty forum a question my overdraft was turned into a loan and reduced from 10 k into a 2k with my 8 restructured into a loan and having no choice in the matter , but with my consent as my account would have been closed was structured this way i was told that this is unlawful - has anyone had similar experiences
  3. thats exactly correct - it had nothing to do with his employ it was purely to get him some wheels - poor part of the world we live in here _,so what you say is correct and about what i thought , write a letter if no response then get it to court let them decide great stuff
  4. hi there its a personal thing really - the v5 was put into his name but i have the v5 and it was put into my name - i did it as a gesture of good will to the staff member and not in any way connected to the company i just did it to help him on a bit i have an e mail saying he still has my car but wont return it
  5. ill try to make this simple for the less insidious of you out there - im the owner of the company i offered one of the employees personally a car to get him about etc etc , he then decides to start being difficult with persistent lateness so i asked him to leave the company , my car has not been seen since ? a small claim court would be the suitable option i think here
  6. the car was lent to the staff member - it was put into his name on the v5 doc for insurance purposes- he then left the company and started work elsewhere
  7. a member of staff was given a car by the company however has not returned it to us - any ideas
  8. cannot find my original agreement - any ideas what i can do?
  9. a member of staff is a key holder here in my office - he has not returned the key to the premises - what can i do apart from change the locks
  10. its a ltd company and the loan is attached to the account i work for the company and am sole shareholder there are 3 other memebers of staff???
  11. first ill see i there is ppi which id think there would be iv been paying out for 3 years now on a 4 year business loan to refinance an overdraft _ same ol same ol - but on my calcs wont be free until 5 something fishy there !!! not paid last two installments so ill see what penalties there may be
  12. i have an 8k loan repayment which i shall check for ppi properly if i fall into difficulty paying my loan would i apply for the ppi to kick in???
  13. thanks for the reply to clarify : my loan is business , can i still see if it was mis sold and secondly would i be the first asking about business charges or have i missed that boat
  14. Having a very small loan means i regularly go over my limit which is very good news for barclays sadly it puts a lot of stress on my finances when each 35 sterling is half a tank of gas in real money (what world do they live in?) can i reclaim my charges - i know personally its in the courts of doom for the forEseeable however does the forum know where is at on my business account??? I also have a loan repayment and i hear they were mis sold too - can anyone enlighten this green monster oh mighty forum all hail !!
  15. ave oh might forum Can anyone help me in finding out who has been madepersonally bankcrupt across the uk??? is there a website ? where would i look for this information cheers oh mighty forum
  16. well the thread really just outlines the letters being left at an address i dont reside at - any help from people who have had the same kind of thing happen to them is gratefully received my thread outlines my current situation this is being put into the domain for others to read and possible give some advice or so people in the same situation can join in in most cases there is not much that can be done unless you can advise otherwise and so if you can offer any help great if not read something else whilst you work/ drink coffee / etc etc in front of your screen
  17. well its around 17 000 what is fi fa what is hceos thanks for looking in i dont own anything i dont have anything im one short of living in a field
  18. http://s742.photobucket.com/albums/xx70/seklof/?action=view&current=bailiff003.jpg" target="_blank">
  19. yes i agree on all points i do not have anything to offer - the car is registered at a friends house so they are worried about this more than me - i sleep on floors and sofas they have taken everything i own any way thats why they obtained a judgement against my old property which was repossessed so i did not receive the summons if i get it set aside and acknowledge the debt i dont have anything to offer and dont want to be burdened with them chasing me for ever id rather ignore it i dont have anythin g left its all been taken anyway the car has been moved off my friends drive now
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