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  1. Form n244 change of name cheers lads let us see what happens next regards
  2. yes to vary, as the company has changed its name since ccj! any idea how i go about doing this brigadier ?
  3. can i ask how you changed the naem on the ccj???i have the same problem with a debtor and the company name has changed
  4. yes i have ccj amount 700 sterling forthwith i believe i need to get the name changed ??but unsure how to do this i think i need to vary the order?
  5. Oh mighty forum! I have acquired a CCJ against a debtor ( I wont bore you with the details). The debtor refuses to pay because I have not used their full business name, having missed out a part of their company title. How can i enforce this debt as they refuse to pay.
  6. just as a note - would anyone say its worth rattling experians cage???i belive i could seek a lot of info from that?/
  7. yes i have started this action - this may be why they have started the letter cycle again !!!Having rattled the cage the rats have started coming out !!! quite a few to get through too !! many thansk and updates will come through
  8. Agreed on all points time to start reclaiming??could i have clarity on that one d? i await the next letter and will update .this next period is when i can start ticking them off , 1 by 1 so understandably a letter cycle has been instigated again???!!
  9. Oh mighty forum i have poured over the data avaialable and would like a clarification - when does the countdown start on statute barred. the reason i ask is the due to barclaycard selling my debt on to lowells. I am now very close to SB .on my calculations they have between 2 and 8 months left. please can i get clarity on this one. i stopped paying on most of my debts sep 2008 but default or closure of account happened later . so as its the last year i would like to start being able to fighting back a little. many thanks to all that supp
  10. basically not being able to keep up the repayments sadly. i wonder why i am not being contacted . might it be, if they rattle the cage i may just seek ppi and the debt is lower than what i might claim?
  11. no , not at all. i have to say that most of my cards weer taken away from me over the past few years due to impecunity!!!
  12. hi oh mighty forum i would like to know how long i have to claim ppi - most of my credit cards are from 2005 onwards , how long before i cannot claim on the ppi ? many thanks oh wise website
  13. i have a few credit cards and also an overdraft so as you stated, i will not be able to get the cca for the od . i refer, if i may to the question, so as to be clear, that if i request a cca on a credit card it does not reset the clock and is not considered and acknowledgement. many thanks for your help finish line in sight
  14. can i just query this - if i as for a cca , does this then become and acknowledgement of the debt and the clock is restarted
  15. as soon as i went over my overdraft facility (over overdrawn) i started to receive letters to which i have acknowledged none
  16. lovely stuff , you know i used to have an experian account but i have just tried to log in and it wont accept my details? ill contact the helpline tomorrow , maybe they might help me get online
  17. hi which should i use for the purpose of checking? i had many letter but now they seem to have passed the debt on
  18. many many thanks and happy new year to all the team at the best site on the internet
  19. many thanks for dropping in well its up 6k and iv not use the account since 2008
  20. hi oh mighty forum im being chased by a company called red debt collection for a debt owed to lloyds. still no monies but wonder how bank accounts differ from credit card agreements . for instance how long can the chase go on for and will it ever be statute barred thanks guys
  21. great advice and when they call again i will do exactly that its an empty office , just storage space
  22. we had a call from a particularly rude young boy stating we had to pay this fee ,however we have not played music in our office for many years now but they still are trying to invoice us !!!
  23. my buddy got a ccj from these guys but he does not know who the debt is with - how would he appraoch this cheers
  24. does anyone on the forum had dealings with this gang it seems that although they have ccjs it does not pertain to whom the original debt is with , i have checked the website
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