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  1. where will i find the threads please what should i search for many thanks
  2. part time brain injury carer 16 hours 1 child we are not married
  3. yes she has ignored it all very common no other paperwork it seems no ccj sorry error on my part
  4. found the entry but no mention of who the debt is with at all just the address served how much which court and where they got the information from - the registry trust
  5. where do i go to get her credit file please
  6. hi thanks so credit file where do we start pls
  7. the ccj is around somewhere this is what i had to hand thanks 20180506_120109.pdf
  8. hi thanks for responding I cannot see anything on the ccj we never received anything prior to that she has clear score i suppose she can check that it's such an aged debt I want to be sure she actually owes anything if she was paying a debt company is it from the last time she paid them as a footnote? and also wont the debt be still with the bank/credit card etc
  9. hi all wife received a ccj from Weston super mare court we will ask for it to be set aside as she had no prior notice of action as, after looking into this they buy debt from others. Where would I start with a cca to find out how old this debt is and who it is from do I speak with arrow first - seems logical and then once I know who the debt was originally with i then send out a cca to that firm? thanks
  10. hi guys just hoped i may get a bit of advice on a situation that has occurred today. i sub let an office from a company on the floor above. they have decided to leave in 2 months and i have subsequently been notified. My question is this . I have no contract of lease, it expired 2 years ago we have nowhere to move to and in the forseeable future. Of course i will speak with the landlords about renewing a lease as a sole trader but how long could i feasibly stay in the office after the notice period if we have nowhere to go
  11. Oh mighty forum My father passed 2 months ago His partner is an executor of the will Probate will take until the new year I am his only son She is telling all and sundry the supposed contents of his will Its been awful and i hope i can get some sound advice on how to deal with her and what my rights are Thankyou to you all
  12. Id say that the agent can apply for a hearinf and you can fight that. If they try for a european ccj it aint worth a carrot. Judge will surely theow it out if you have a case
  13. i had an issue with the claims guys where i did receive ppi after the case was closed by barclays as they did not have enough info of my details . they then contacted me directly and i resolved the issue and received ppi. TCGS are now threatening to take me to court for the monies theY SAY I OWE THEM FOR WORK THEY DID NOT DO, I ALSO NOTE THAT asLL OTHER WORK HAS NOW STOPPED ON MY OTHER CASES . TEXTS E MAILS AND CALLS SO FAR ANY IDEAS?
  14. the letter that accompanies the ccj? ok will upload properly many thanks
  15. agreed - we dont have an x box anyway - i think ignore for the next 6 years - she did iva or some sort of compliance , paid a lot off but here circumstances changed and she could not keep up payments.preying on the weak as always
  16. bancruptcy is a good option or be made bankcrupt as she cannot pay , or let the bailiffs take what she has . mother with three kids, one 3 years old!
  17. cheers lads - now i remember how to do the upload but i forget the site i need to do it on can i get the info to refresh my sad old mind and it will be done
  18. Well it started with a letter I found on the bedside table from a dca .I asked for her to show me anything she had been sent. When I returned home from work I read the paperwork and found she had two ccjs already . nobody has turned up yet.
  19. bad news i am afraid - my gf has brought it to my attention that she has two ccj against her that she did not respond to . 2 dcas took her to court in a clearing house so we ,i suppose will expect a knock . any idea how to approach this. thanks guys on a lighter note all my debt is now SB thanks to your help ,i survived the debt holocaust thansk to your help and am acually fair rated on experian
  20. oh mighty forum can i ask for some clear advice - what do we do if we get a doorstepper hounding for money thankyou
  21. we recently received a threat letter from a company that the company which resided here at the address,before we moved in ,received a ccj from. they still have the registered address as being here and from my due diligence see it will soon be struck off companies house. naturally i do not want bailiffs attending this address any ideas oh mighty forum regards
  22. here is what they have written back to me saying it is ordered that the district jude intends to deal with the application by written representations as follows the respondent to the application shall file with the court and serve written representations by 4.00 pm etc etc so if anyone knows - what do i do next i put in my n22 stating the company has a name change however i am not sure of this next step as its a new one to me thanks oh mighty forum
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