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  1. i believe that to be true i have termination notices definately - what / why are theses important m
  2. ok so im looking for what sort of document m - relating to my other creditors? from bc iv had the notice i first spoke of ill be able to post this up in a few days
  3. m should i go to see the cab just to see what they say maybe iv been working backwards by not acknowledging debts but felt until i had soemthing to work with i would leave the issue thanks
  4. shall i only send cca s to comapnies that wish to take me to court as this will reduce cost m ? ill post each individually - i can post for each case for others to read? as said let sleeping curs lie? cheers again none of the letters are relative yet it looks and i don t have a carrot to give any of em iv done inc n exp and i m still over on outgoing s if i have anything ill put it to the mortgage
  5. iv been keepong all correspondence from all of the collection agencies for the past year ,many are confusing, many are letter cycles i have about 12 files going on with each agency and each debt
  6. also when you say how old are the cards - do you mean the debt or the agreements on them if its age of debt then thats about 14 months if its age of cards most of the cards i have ahd for over 5 years if not more cheers m
  7. thanks i had ten credit cards and used them sumer of 2008 to support my business whilst awaiting invoice finncing from hsbc which also failed so now have a mountain of debt i suppose i can only deal with what comes through the letterbox i thought about bankcruptcy but the debt is non secured and i could / would lose my house so i wold rather see what happens next i just dont fancy that option thoughts anyone - its a discussion for many people
  8. hi there im in a very similar situation with many many credit card companies and banks after me my situation is that i used my cards to support my business through the latter part of 2008 - this in turn left me with 80000 im getting the byan carter style letters and wonder where to start i wonder if because the debts are non secured i should not declare bankcruptcy
  9. ok thats what i shall do see what happens next sorry but what is cpr
  10. great stuff i shall send this tomorrow and await the next move i dont suppose i can do much with this particular issue until i can give an update thanks can i ask what cpr stands for ?
  11. hi m n m what do you think i should do next with this letter i though cca see hwt happens can i ask if your situation is getting better as it states a lot less mess?
  12. if i remember correctly it was an internet application however i cant recall if i was sent an agreement out in the post egg do not have a signed document for me thanks guys n gals
  13. credit card and approx 8 years old as an agreement also iv sent a letter to egg before and they cannot provide me with a signed agreement thanks in advance
  14. Hi guys many thanks for repling to my thread - my first disagreement will be with egg for 15000, it s over a year old now and really have been waiting for these guys to make thier moves which now i presume will start to come thick and fast its a letter stating if i dont reply court proceedings will be issued
  15. i have received a bryan carter letter reading final demand is my first step to appeal to them for a CCA i have received a letter from bryan carter - final notice can someone help me sorry guys n gals - trying to find the right space for my query i have received the first letter from dear old brian is a cca the first step iv read many threads on this man but wanted a step by step defence from him can someone help who maybe is having the same problems i just received my first of probably many letters from brian - do i send a letter as seen on templates here for a
  16. i have lease car agreement which is now in default - it has been passed over to close credit mamagement who now want the car back but only call and never send any documentation i have nothing in writing i owe 8000 i reckon by now and the lease is up at the end of september this year what should i do with the car? not one bit of paperwork
  17. what exactly should the letter contain - is there a template for this type of letter iv received a yellow card and realsie its a tactic these people use howevr wish to circumvent any more letters and stress
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