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  1. hi there well we could not get through to the insurers whilst away , as you can imagine the lines were engaged so we just paid for everything on credit card hoping to get reimbursed upon our return. ill apply to spectrum and keep this post updated.
  2. hi there sorry about the punctuation. so here is where i am at . i have started my application for reimbursement through spectrum, however i see the n75 document may be of use if i have no luck as i purchased all my flights accommodation taxis etc with a credit card . it seems they may not be willing to accept insurance claims taken out after 3 march. im looking at my angles. another is through emirates but i purchased the flight through a 3rd party.
  3. i went to sri lanka on 9th march (booked in feb) for the cricket and booked with spectrum insurance. our flights were cancelled back with emeirates so we had to rebook with sri lanka air lines a cost and then had to stay in the hotel for another 14 days plus other expenses . any ideas how to approach this
  4. yes dismissed they came back with this letter sleeping dogs and all that? wait for the next response and will post
  5. its been dismissed by the judge she hasn't a spare anything really we offered 2 pounds the judge still threw it out thanks for looking in any observations appreciated
  6. this should work i worked hard to remove everything
  7. hi we have a response from shoosmiths I am worried to upload i did everything correctly yet it still shows all the personal details i will attempt again
  8. i thought i did!!! sorry but what does the term dismissed mean - that the judge has decided to dismiss it on the grounds of her statement of earning? what have they dismissed - the case of her repaying something? thanks
  9. here is the response can I get a definitive answer to what this actually means from the mighty forum - dismissed to me means dismissed however that does not mean that the end of this story thanks for looking NO44.pdf
  10. of that i have no idea the email i think you refer to could make it egg and sold on she did have an egg card she tells me so quite possibly
  11. right I will do exactly that what should i ask them ? thanks
  12. old email? i have this thread and another 1 going right now? sorry if i misunderstand
  13. I have another post which needs deleting as I uploaded it with details on it how do I remove the thread? thanks
  14. we received a letter from this gang and we are unsure if it may well be SB whats the first step in getting out a CCA to someone i am supposing we don't speak with them direct thanks in advance rway re BC Egg card.pdf
  15. well yes, id like to defend it if it is defendable andy. so I want to cca someone also, she was with payplan it seems so its more convoluted I don't think she ticked suspend the action we didn't know to do that i do now thanks
  16. Court call found that the debt is from MBNA we have asked for the original copy of ccj and the claim form to be posted which they are doing today - if anyone is following this, the best time to get through is early. Press 2 then 3 attachment of earnings sent off so what would the next step be shoosmiths holds the debt/ccj - I don't think they should be called who would I go to mbna? what if we don't have any data at all such as account no etc etc bump
  17. this is the first I have now found next up is to call the court andrea2.pdf
  18. agreed so still no wiser as to who she owes the debt with !!! not on her credit file what can we do to trace the debt to see if its sb she can fill in the form and send off, however, what if she doesn't owe??? which should i do first
  19. looked at the credit file it's not good reading id say 5 ccjs in total and no real way of paying them off she had an iva for them and when she couldn't keep up the repayments they have it seems gone for her i thought bankruptcy as she won't ever be able to pay them off any idea of course she can fill in the form and they can take it from her wages but as she has so many she will never be able to repay them maybe the judge will see this but they seem to be on the side of the banks any help appreciated
  20. the attachment of earnings? what if she doesnt send it off?
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