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  1. You have never obviously worked in a call centre before. People who work there do no have the power or the access pass on information. The big wigs that can make a difference work in an office that could be in Narnia, as nobody ever sees them and if a manager tries to get hold of them, they are put through to their PA. Often the people on the other end of the phone do want to help you, but cannot due to not having power to do anything other then their job. They have procedures to follow and the big wigs that have never worked on the phones before and have certainly never worked on 1st line calls set these. Majority of people that you will speak to in call centres are there because they need the money, trust me no one would voluntary choose that job. And when they are called useless, thick and shouted at on every phone call for 10 hours a day 5/6 days a week for something that is often beyond their control, it is very demeaning. These people do not have a say in any of the procedures and if they do try to pass on information, it falls on deaf ears. People who work in all centres are not thick or stupid; it is often a means to an end. I too have postgraduate degrees but I worked in many call centres whilst I was studying, and this is the case in most situations. Its the guys at the top that need to hear this not the guys on the 1st call line, as they do genuinely want to help, but most of the time they have their hands tied behind their backs.
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