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  1. Hi Guys, with all the latest goings on with Wonga I hoped I might be in line for some compensation as I received letters from 'Chainey, D’Amato & Shannon’ so I filled in the contact section on the website as per the email back in September. I hadn't heard anything by the end of November so I decided to give them a call to see if they would acknowledge that I had been affected by this, they said I was and that I would be receiving a letter in due course. While on the phone I asked if they could send me a statement on my account so I could see what I actually paid back on my £750 Loa
  2. Mini Credit reply today by email: Dear .......................... Your account is overdue for 97 days. You have 23 days to continue making partly payments towards Your balance via Your Minicredit.co.uk online account and if You wish to avoid the Legal actions, within 23 days gather up funds as much as You can, give us a call and make us a settlement offer. If it is agreed, then the payment must be made immediately via same phone-call via debit card or Ukash voucher only. Kind regards MiniCredit.co.uk Client Support Team ..................................................
  3. this was not intended to offened anyone it was only meant as a laugh in between being hounded by this company, I made no reference to your version of the meaning of cretin or about those with cerebal palsy, it would seem that you are trolling the boards looking for an argument? if you do not like what i have written - do not read my thread, if you have nothing worth while to add - please do not add to my thread. It strikes me that you calling me a cretin for making the comments makes you as Neanderthal as me? your attitude would be better suited on the MSE forum, you would fit
  4. I think this should be their new name, MiniCretin!! It pretty much sums them up: Cretin: A Person that is: brainless, stupid, child-like, and full of pointless information that makes no sense and appeals only to other cretins. (Taken from Urban Dictionay! Not meant to offend anyone just a bit of humor that keeps people going when they are low due to the treatment these companies give out)
  5. Hi Guys, I am still battling on with MiniCretin and have sent them this hoping they may send the account to opos....Got the LAST LETTER BEFORE LEGAL ACTION on 03rd July, someone really needs to teach these lot how to write a letter as it is only 'partly' english!!! The current balance on my online account today stands at £1688.00 for a £600 Loan due on 31.03.2012! Dear MiniCretin, Thank you for your letter dated 28.06.2012, headed, LAST LETTER BEFORE LEGAL ACTION, the contents of which have been duly noted. I would like to draw your attention to the following:
  6. Hi Sillygirl, I have told them so many times now that I simply dont have the money to pay them and have offered £80 per month if they agree to freeze the interest and stop adding made up charges, they just keep replying with " "All the overdue charges and interest will be added until full repayment"ive already changed my account, they have details of my Natwest Basic one which the card has just expired for so they wont get a bean out of there as i dont keep any money in it and Natwest are tighter than 2 coats of paint so they wont pay anything lol.I offered them the origional loan amount plu
  7. Just had the automated call from Minicredit: "you have an overdue loan with minicredit, please fund your account so we can rip your eyes out and leave you pennyless" thank you" Sounds like phonejacker
  8. So basically today my loan of £600 on the 3rd March now stands at £1403 and they are still refusing to agree to a repayment plan. I am sending all my paper work to FOS today. These lot are the lowest of the low in my opinion, they need shut down
  9. saw this on Money Saving expert from King Elvis - Made me LOL!!!! "Doorstep collector? My doorstep is held in by like concrete, bricks and stuff......wonder what they do with them? is there a market for previously enjoyed doorsteps? "
  10. Minicredits latest email - They refuse to accept a payment plan or freeze interest: The total outstanding balance GBP1317.00 from the date of issuing until today consists of the following: 1. Loan principal GBP600.00 2. Interest in total GBP372.00 (1% of the Principal per day) (62 days) 3. Overdue penalty GBP25 (was added on the 1st day overdue) 4. Overdue penalty GBP55 (was added on the 3rd day overdue) 5. Debit Attempt fees in total GBP165.00 (every unsuccessful attempt to receive the repayment costs up to GBP3) (55 tries of my card where i do not keep any money) 6. Deb
  11. JESUS - if you want to pay by UKASH voucher it will cost you the amount PLUS 6.5% plus VAT!!!!!!! Robbing b****ards
  12. Hi Guys, I have recieved this letter today - warning me of the DOOR STEP COLLLECTORS Basically it says that they have added £100 to my debt for the doorstep collectors. What happens next? I made a "partly" payment of £80 + £5.50 transmission fee on Friday to show willing but these clowns charge £5.50 per "partly" payment and even charge a fortune to phone them, 10p per minute!! Surly they should have a local rate number? Help would be appriciated please!
  13. Hi Guys, had various loans from Minicredit and had a £600 loan and was due to repay on 30.03.2012. As per many on this forum I have come to the point where i can't keep rolling over and paying extortionate charges so changed my DC and did not pay them. I've had the usual emails, calls texts etc but have ingnored all unitl I emailed them for a breakdown of charges last week to plan what i was going to do this payday. So they now want: The total outstanding balance GBP1061.00 from the date of issuing (3rd of March 2012) until today the 19th of April 2012 consists of the following:
  14. I have just had my reply from mucky hall to the email i sent them regarding LS using my debit card as if they were my wife to get back £900 so far for a £500 loan. they still want another £397. I pointed out: The Office of Fair Trade have already warned at least two Payday Loan Companies who have used these unreasonable practices that they are not allowed to perform such acts in the retrieval of missed loan payments. From the OFT website: only take money from the borrower's account on the date or dates set out in the loan agreement, unless otherwise agreed with the borrower in ad
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