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  1. Hey dude, also where did you get this info..ant that looks soo much like my laptop..So i can say that I open it and that caused the problem..They surely have to not quote me.... Please if you can get back to me tonight because i would like to fax this all off tomorrow..thanks
  2. Dear Customer: We certify that you have subscribed to the AcerAdvantage Warranty Extension Program (the "Program"), and that your subscription has been accepted by Acer. Terms and conditions contained in the Acer Product Limited Warranty included in the Product packaging are an integral part of the Program. They continue to apply to your purchase, including all limitations and exclusions contained therein. In addition to the terms contained in the General Warranty the following services are available to you until the expiration date listed above: - Extension of the services de
  3. I got a etended warrinty from the retailers a few months ago, I sent my laptop into acer as that is what I have always done.The website I bought it from is technoworld..Does that mean anything?
  4. But this new computer was not bought from the retailer..I bought the originall lappy from a website, now it has been replaced by i assumed acer.
  5. Well I bought the product in 2007 but the last time I sent the laptop in for repair, I suddenly got this brand new laptop..So that one has only been around a month or 2 old..It is brand new..It is my word against theirs and I know I have not damaged the laptop...I don't even know how you would to cause the screen to change in the way it has? So wht should I say ?
  6. Hello, Thank you for contacting Acer. Regarding your enquiry, The engineers have deemed the damage to be cosmetic damage to the panel, this would be a chargeable repair. My laptop is Aspire 5738Z (AS5838ZG) which is one of the product quoted on their website to be faulty.. There is no way I am paying for this problem, surely lcd problems are covered in the warrinty AGAIN!...So what should i say this time??
  7. I think i aww that socket, but duno what blue wire I might have..But regardless, if i plug it in...I can't see anything on the screens so can i still transfer the data?
  8. the problem is, i can't even see anything on the screens when i turn the computer on..So i can't transfer the data...
  9. Um , what wire do i plug in? I don't even know if i have the right wire or the specific one at all!!!!! lol I have no idea what I need to oplug in or what it looks like
  10. Sorry , you are speaking to a compuyet NOVICE..if that lol..When you say connect it to a different monitor what do you mean? Connect what? My dad has another computer , can I conect my laptop to that? My friendsaid it sounds like a replecement screen problem so in that case Acer could take it in and the data would not be touched....
  11. O no no , the lines are on the actual screen,When I turn on the computer , it is black and white and all sorts of weird lines in the right hand corner of the screen..I can hear the start up noise, but I see no picture.. Shoul I take the lappy to a store to get the to back up the date to another cmputer??
  12. Hey there experts... Just wondering if you can offer any help or if you heard of this problem that occured..Gotta love acer lol I was watching something on iplayer...left room, camt back in and hald the screen on the top section was now black and in corner had different color lines...Now whenever I turn it on , I get no screen, just thesee lines in corner and black and white sections on screen I am under warrinty and have to take it in for repair but do you think i will lose the data? The woman also said if it is a software problem, I will have to pay? I thought my warrint
  13. Hey thanks for getting the info..Well i downloaded the drive..It is still quite flaky, the touchpad sometimes works ok but after a while you gotta drag it that bit extra..Any other ideas? Everytime i start up the lap it says do i want to have this synac thing work and you can pres ok or cancel?I press ok
  14. oo okay...is the enabling ofsound a long process..because i could gt the hdmi and then maybe ask for help or you could tell me now if it not too long to say?I have a flat screen tv so i assume it has a hdmi cable...but it is not hd? is that completely irrelevant?...lol
  15. wow...that is cool lol..ok so it says windowsvista home premium (6.0,build 6001) I am not sure if you are familiar with this acer laptop but it says hdmi on it, so If i bought a hhdmi cable I could watc the laptop on the tv? But do you know what other wire i need (for the sound)...and do i just plug them both in to which bit?...sorry that was an additionl query lol again thank you thanyou !
  16. well the stickes say pentium inside intel and windows vista...i dnt know how to find the bit
  17. it i the synapc pointing device..suld i delete any drivers i tried to download? or will it not matter...thanks again
  18. yes but i justdon't know what to do.I am not very good onthese things...Is there any way you could tell me exactly what i need to download and do to fix the touchpad? Do you need more info...
  19. After a while, when i use the touchpad on my laptop..The arrow neer goes to where i want it too and makwa sudden movements all over the screen and it takes ALOT of effort to get it to where i want it..Sometime fter restarting the lappy it fixes itself but it comes back I know you can download drivs but i don't know where to go or what to download Could anyone PLEASSEEE give me a step by step on how to rid my laptop of this most annoying problem..I have an acer aspire 5738z I really appreciate the help.. thanks
  20. but with regads to the moterboard..i sent in m lapp a few months ao and the problem was exactly the same...ie replacing te motherboard..so why/how could the have a problem this time if it was exatcly the same thing?
  21. ok but shouldn't they give an option of what laptop i might want..It seems the have just given me any laptop without a choice..Surely I can choose from the website I bought the original laptop off to gt a replacement of my choice..I had an acer aspire 5100 and they have sent a acer aspire 5738z..Can i not ask them for a different laptop that is the same amount as what i bought the orignal one for..including tax?lol
  22. ok but urely they should have told me of what they were doing, they never informed me they were just going to give me a new laptop, and didnt even give me a choice of laptop?? Thye just sent 1...Should i not get a choice of what i want as a replacement...and why could tey not fix this problem as it was exactly the same as before...it was a new motherboard....
  23. I took in my acer latop for repair and they end me a confirmation letter yest saying it was going to be shipped...But I noticed the number for the laptop was totally different..I received it today and it is a brand new computer...So they obviously felt te had to replace the laptop even though the problem was a new motherboard which was the exact same problem when i sent it in for repair last time..So w the couldn't replace it this time is a mystery But my real qestion is can i laim compensation for the fat tat i was never told the situation..They never phoned or emailed to say we can't fi
  24. OMMG..AAcer is a joke..So they needed to replace te motherboard which was the same problem they had to resolve when i took it in in march of this year aswell....Now they have sent me a brand new acer computer...I know in terms and conditions they cn't guarantee the laptop or data will be saved but why replace it if it fixing the same probleem as last time...This sounds very odd and plus they never informed me that i was getting a new laptop...tey just sent it...NEVER INFORMING ME...Surely this is not right...can i get compensation\///????
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