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  1. Thanks Slick, I will hold tight. I will dig out the default notice but no rush for credit file to be clear, I've lived without credit for 6 years and quite like it.
  2. Thanks Slick, just checked my credit file and the default shows as February 2010, curious when the default notice from Mercers was August 2009. Tempted to send the SB letter to make sure Lowell don't try the court route using their default date as the 6 year marker.
  3. All went quiet until a begging letter from Lowell today telling me they will accept £30 per month, thanks but no thanks. My last payment to BC was April 2009 so this is now SB isn't it? Question is, do I tell them or just ignore them? No doubt they will say it's 6 years from default. Can I just say thanks to all who helped over the past few years, it has been very much appreciated.
  4. Told them it doesn't come close to satisfying my request and any litigation will be defended. Had a reply back that my acc has been placed on hold while they consult other internal and external departments.
  5. These? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2010/1014/regulation/3/made
  6. So a short letter in reply saying its illegible will do?
  7. Doesn't look like a cut and paste, here it is.
  8. They have now supplied a copy of the original application form complete with my signature. I can make out my details but the photocopy is half an A4 sheet so all other writing is unreadable. It is headed with CCA agreement regulated by the CC Act 1974.
  9. Debtangel, we are both at the same stage with these people. Your letter sounds very much like mine in that they are being very selective with the truth. My replies from now are going to be very simple and to the point, they are getting no more info than they need. One question about pre 2007 agreements and recons though, I have been doing a lot of reading lately and am finding conflicting arguments about the need for the original agreement, can anybody clarify this and are there any links you could point me too please?
  10. Thanks Slick. I have asked them three times for the cca and still nothing. Their latest letter suggests they have it so should have sent a copy to me, if in fact they do not are they now pushing the boundaries of debt collection, even deception? Good of them to supply the latest statements though, shows when the last payment was made and charges applied.
  11. Well I now have a response, in a franked letter no less. I told them this was still in dispute as I still have not received anything but Ts and Cs and that under CPUTR they are obliged to tell me if they do or do not hold the alleged agreement. I also mentioned that Carey v HSBC case, paragraph 234 (4) states that If an agreement has been varied by the creditor under a unilateralpower of variation, the creditor must still provide a copy of the original agreement, as well as the varied terms. Their response is that they are debt purchasers and do not hold all documents in their offic
  12. Slick, I never sent the SAR for charges as I thought after Lowell closed the account better to let sleeping dogs lie. Will be getting my letter off tomorrow to Lowell.
  13. I have looked closer at the letter from Lowell and they have included t and c's from MSDW and BC, nothing else. I have my response ready but are there any templates I can look at to compare my letter with?
  14. That was my first thought DD, I have recently had a PPI payout and brought my mortgage up to date, also paid off my car and other small debts so my credit file would show this. One thing for sure, no more credit for me even when my file looks good. A hard lesson learned.
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