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  1. Hi, no I haven't sent them a CCA request. I accept the debt is my wifes just we are trying to pay and they are only interested in huge payments. Is it still worth sending them one of these letters? My wife doesn't want to go to court, where as I'll happily argue to toss with them.
  2. Hi all, I hope someone can help.* I've been attempting to negotiate with Lewis Recover for some time for my wifes Santander Mothercare acc with an outstanding balance of £890 (although about £190 of this is interest and charges). Today we've received a notice of intended legal action from another arm of the same company Howard Cohen. I've read they are quite happy to take people to court so I'd like to know how we stand.* My wife gave up work to look after our daughter and is also pregnant with our second. I've offered token payments of £1 as I am currently looking for a career
  3. Hi Reader. I haven't cca'd them come to think of it. I was just trying to get the amount of letters she was recieving under control at first by offering them one pound token payments. Would it be a good idea to send a cca request with the same offer and leave it upto them to decide seen as i've already offered 25%? Or just send the cca request by itself and see what happens? Many thanks
  4. Will do! Today she received two letters. 1 advising they will accept and the other are wanting nearly 50% of the balance to settle. I'll pay the creditor who has agreed and send the ones who are refusing or offering higher settlements a letter, stating other creditors are accepting the 25% and see what happens from there.
  5. Hi all, A while ago I took over some debts for my mam as she was struggling to cope with them. I offered all her creditors £1/month, which all have accepted and I've been paying them for a few months. I'm in a position to help my mam out with these debts, but I only have 25% of the outstanding balances (she owes £10,000 to about 11 different companies) so I broke down the £2500 and made offers to her creditors. Today, some of her creditors have written to say they will not accept the offer. Should I stick to my guns and offer them the same amount and advise them this is only a g
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