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  1. Hi Scott They have provided a cca Of which i was advised was Unenforceable Do i just wait until they take me to court and then it will be thrown out? What could i send now Its getting really quite scary Thanks Agian
  2. Thank you so much This for reference is the CCA Thanks Again egglee.pdf
  3. The cca is unenforceable Offering a final settlement Account in dispute letter Thanks
  4. Hi All After 6 months and 11 letters the threats continue Please see attached the most recent letter Could anybody help with a aresponse I really am at my wits end They keep phoning at work and said they had done a credit check to see where i worked? Is this legal Any help would really be welcome Montague mbnanext.pdf
  5. Hi All After 6 months and 11 letters the threats continue Please see attached the latest one Can anyone please please help with a RESPONSE I really am at my wits end Many thanks montague Eggnext.pdf eggnext2.pdf
  6. HI All After 15 letters and 6 months the letters still continue Please see attached the latest one Can anyone please help with a response Many thanks I really an at my wits end Montague Capital Onenext.pdf
  7. Hi All After 5 months and 15 letters the threats continue. I really am at my wits end They even ring me at work Can anyone please give me a response to this recent letter The worry is really starting to effect my family now Thnak you all for your help Montague barclaycardnext.pdf
  8. thnk you so much i will get a letter off offering them final and full settlement montague
  9. Thanks Silver Fox Wouls really appreciate if anyone could have a look at what MBNA have sent me and let me know if they think its enforceable Thank you Montague
  10. Thank you for your helpful comments Is this enough to make the agreement unenforceable Do i write back now and say i am no longer paying Sorry for all the questions Montague
  11. Hi all I would really appreciate your help on this one I have been battling with MBNA for the last 6 months I requested a CCA back in Jan to no avail They then sold my debt on and suddenly yesterday sent the below I would really appreciate if anybody ould look at it and advise me as to whether it is enforceable Thank you Montagaue MBNA8.pdf MBNA88.pdf
  12. Thank you for all your responses I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. If i send a cheque saying cashing the cheque does mean agreement to my conditions and the bank cash the cheque and then sell the rest of the debt on - what can i do legally? I afraid if i take them to court it will cost me money i dont have plus the above post says take them to court to remove defa WIll this not cost me money? Thank you
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