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  1. Nyoka Can you start your own thread and let us have all the details so that we can help as the comments are vague. Your own thread will keep everything together for you
  2. Hi To be honest the agents on the phone will normally do it there and then for you.I would give them another call tomorrow to confirm that these have been taken off your account.
  3. Abbey Abbey House 2 Triton Square Regents House London NW1 3AN The above address is still valid, makes sure you send it recorded.
  4. Hello all. I am after a little advice on a few issues with Abbey. I am on my third claim with them. Total charges are £1038.23 and I am going to send them the prelim then the LBA , I am fully aware that this will be put on hold by Abbey and I dont think I need to file in court??(please correct me if I need to) I do however want to claim Contractual/Compound interest on top. Two points here, is the rate 19.9% AER as in my "preffered in credit OD rate" or is it the 27.9% Unauth OD interest. Also I am not 100% on how to work the amount out on top of the £1038.23, I will of course work out the 8% as well so that if and when I have to go to N1 and court stages I could use this as a fall back rate?? Any help of this would be appreciated. Stu:D
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