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  1. Could I please ask for some advice regarding an investigation at work.I returned to work on phased return after sick leave due to an operation. On my third day back I was given a letter stating I was under investigation but not told why. ten days later I received a letter by post stating the investigation was due to an "alleged mismatch of data between my manual actions and actions taken on customer database" which occurred seven months previously. Basically, stating I had made a telephone call on a certain date and time but the notes I made detailing the call did not match the telephone conv
  2. No very stupidly, I dont have any insurance (financial reasons due to marital split) I think I will be doing the after the horse has bolted thing, and will be getting insured asap. Thanks very much for replying.
  3. Can anyone please advise me what the best course of actionin my situation. I came home after finishing work to find my neighbour had cut down a very tall fir tree which fell into my garden smashing the fence to bits along with flattening all the plants down one side. The fence was erected and paid for by me. To add insult to injury he then drove of as I arrived home without any acknowledement of the incident. I rent a housing association (ex local authority) property but look after my home and garden having put a lot of money and effort into the garden in particular.
  4. Thanks to all, VM have never sent me anything to state they have passed the debt on to moorcroft, I just receive a new, increased bill every month for service charges, as service was suspended on 19 dec 08 I am at a loss, I put cancellation in writing to VM, and have spent hrs on phone trying to sort out. I just keep being told I have to pay. VM have nearly driven me to drink (more !!) Seriously, this is driving me round the twist worrying !
  5. Thank you for your advice, I'm glad I found this site !
  6. Hi, Can anybody please give me any advice. I have had a Moorcroft collector coming to my home for a disputed bill,supposedly owed to Virgin Media. Initally I paid this person £10 with an agreement of £50.00 a month as I just wanted Virgin BLOODY Media to go away. After splitting with my husband and losing my job last December, I asked VM to cancel my service and was informed I would have to pay all monies outstanding (£91.00) to stop service. I told them this was impossible and would pay off what I owed in installments. Although no services, the bill now had now grew to ££272.00. The collect
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