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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I've just moved home. HSBC have always been the company showing who own the account, even when it has been bounced around DCA's.
  2. There have been multiple DCA's. The first couple I gave copies of letters to from HSBC and they left me alone. I made the last payment in May 2010 I believe. I am at work at the minute so can't check, but no payments have been made since then. They haven't sent me any letters for a couple of years, but obviously the account is still there and defaults are recorded every month. Thanks for your reply
  3. Thanks CitizenB I haven't replied to any DCA's in a long time, nor have they contacted me. Apparently the gone away statement refers to GAIN (Gone Away Information Network). Glad to know it will eventually go, but nagging me a little that I have them bang to rights and it will still be held against me for so long! Thanks again
  4. So will there be any mention of it on my credit file once they have stopped reporting? Would the incorrect status cause any other issues? Do I have a duty to tell anyone that I'm still here? I am moving home next week too. I have a feeling that if I send them a letter telling them where I am, it will renew their interest in me. I know I have a strong case, and so do they, but it hasn't stopped them from harassing me at alarming levels before. Thanks for your reply
  5. Hi everyone, I know my original thread is old, but as I have stated before, I would like to keep everything together for future reference in case anyone needs it. Happily I have had no letters or calls since 2011 about the HSBC loan. I am still paying the credit card off from HSBC, which has been locked for a long time now so that I can't spend anything on it. I occasionally check my Noddle report and see that it is still there, with a red D every month with the date of default as May 2010. One thing that has now interestingly changed is the loan account status to 'gone away'. I fi
  6. Since my last post, I've had a couple of letters from CapQuest, offering me a slight reduction in the amount they want me to pay them, and tell me that they will put a note on my file of "partial settlement". Then immediately after, they demanded full payment and said that the account has been passed onto door collectors who will come into my home and look at settling the account. Of course, nobody ever came. This account seems to be in limbo, showing on my credit report as an amount owed, and a red D for default showing every month in the history. As it shows that the account went into d
  7. Hi everyone! Although it's been a while since any updates, up until now, there hasn't really been any news as such. I still intend on keeping this thread fully up to date until the end. A few weeks ago, I received a letter in an envelope that was marked "Scottish Bureau of Investigation" along with a crest. Of course, I panicked on the spot, even more so when it seemed very vague and sinister. Through the window on the envelope, it read "The Occupier", followed by my address. Once I had opened it, my name was a reference followed by: I am trying to contact the person named above
  8. Hi all, I have been living in a rented house for a year and 8 months, and was living with my ex here for a year and 3 months of this. When we moved in, we were told we had to go with Spark Energy for our electricity and gas (I assume they have a deal together). The agents had submitted meter readings, and we also supplied them several times from day one. We didn't receive a bill for quite some time, so called them to find out what was happening. Every time we called to check on our account, we were told that because we had overpaid our previous utility supplier, our account was
  9. Thanks Johnny, as usual I would be lost without you! I think I will remind them and call their bluff, but at least it's some form of good news for me for a change!
  10. Hi all Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but truth be told, I haven't had much trouble! A few weeks ago, Moorcroft passed my account onto another DCA, who after a letter from me, completely gave up and said they were referring it back to Moorcroft. I had another letter, exactly the same as before telling me I had so long to pay the full balance or court costs would be added. I left this letter alone, and then they miraculously "found" the last letter I had sent informing them of why I wasn't paying them anything and I have just received another one from them, detailed below: I wri
  11. Wow, some very confusing posts, to me anyway! I'm assuming that sending this letter would be a bad idea then, even though these acts and law are what everyone has been acting on? Am I better saying nothing? Also, the part about the money laundering regulations is absolutely true! I work with paperwork such as this, and losing any confidential paperwork that is related to our customers is a criminal offence! It all has to be kept organised and we have surprise audits to confirm this. Getting anything other than a satisfactory result would do major harm to our company and does not happ
  12. Thanks Johnny, I don't know what I would do without you! I will be very interested to see what they send after this letter! Edit: The letter I have typed up is shown below with any personal references removed. Dear Sir/Madam, I write in relation to your last letter dated 19/06/10 (received 23/06/10). Regarding HSBC Bank PLC, I have a letter from Michael Fairless, Business Review Officer , dated 09/09/09 that informed me there was no agreement relating to this account. If this account did exist, you will no doubt be aware that losing this paperwork would be a crimi
  13. Luckily for my own sanity, I'm seeing the humorous side to these letters, especially the one I got today! Here it is below: Dear Mr XXXX NOTICE OF POSSIBLE LITIGATION To prevent the above action send payment in full before 26/06/10 or Telephone xxxxx immediately. If you do not respond to this letter we will have to assume that you are purposely avoiding repayment of this debt and will take the necessary steps to secure settlement which may include recommending that our client issues legal action against you. Please note if legal action is necessary your debt may increase
  14. Thanks for the thousandth time Johnny You do make some very good points, and your advice is as good as always! Thanks also to diddydicky, that really did make me chuckle! Maybe I will send them something like that just to see a response to something I send for a change!
  15. A very significant update just came through my letterbox! Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited have sent me a letter which I will detail below: Dear Mr XXXX We have been instructed by HSBC BANK PLC To collect your overdue debt of £XXXX It is a legal requirement to send a notice of intended litigation before legal proceedings in the County Court are issued. We believe that this letter fulfils this requirement even if it is not actually read by you. To prevent our recommending to our client that solicitors commence legal proceedings, it is essential that you settle this
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