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  1. I felt I should respond to some of these threads regarding Jacob's Bailiffs, I was on this forum about a year ago tearing my hair out as they had put my payments up to £70 a week, after I had been paying them for years. What I did was get in touch with my local councillor, she then rang the manager of the council tax section telling him everything I had been through, (basically Jacob's had said that I had no choice but to pay what they had demanded, it was non-negotiable), he then called me, suspended my payments for 3 months to give me breathing space, and arranged for me to see a debt couns
  2. Could you tell me what a levy is please, I am pretty sure I have not had one.
  3. No I am not in Wales, my local council is Redcar and Cleveland. I am sending a copy of the letter to Jacob's and I will also request a breakdown of the fees.
  4. Yes I am certain that the liability orders that the wpo was attached to have been paid, when we rang jacobs recently they told us that we only had the current liability order and the one for last year which nobody visited for. No I have not received a breakdown of the fees but have downloaded a SAR form and I am going to send that to them.
  5. I have been paying Jacob's Bailffs for years at £46 per week plus their £1 charge because it is by debit card. I had paid nearly £5000 and could see the light at the end of the tunnel, then the bill for 2010/2011 came in and anticipating problems paying Jacob's plus the new council tax bill wrote to my local council Redcar and Cleveland, to ask if I could pay a nominal amount just till Jacobs were clear which would not have been too long, they said to put it in writing and they would look at it. The letter then came from Jacobs asking me to fill in the income and expenditure form, which I di
  6. Hello, I am having the same problem with HMRC. I claim Child Tax Credits, and my eldest son has left college, which I told them, my husband then rang and told them, when the form came back to us it still had my eldest son's name on, we both rang again and told them and they just seemed like the couldn't care less. I have since wrote a letter to them and sent it recorded delivery, but still nothing, and don't know how much more I can do.
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