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  1. Ref the Mail on Sunday article. Has everyone contacted richard.dyson@mailonsunday.co.uk If not WHY not ????? Or at least made him aware of this thread. ps. can't seem to get his e-mail to show properly, gap appears in sunda y. You will need to edit it when you mail him
  2. In addition had a letter today requesting that I put SPML on the insurance as well as Eurosail. This was in response to my request as to who I actually had a mortgage with. Bunch of halfwits
  3. Info... Had this reply from Support Unit Companies Investigation Branch Ground Floor 21 Bloomsbury Street LONDON, WC1B 3SS Dear Sailor578 Southern Pacific Mortgage Ltd - Our Ref: ********* - please quote this in any reply. Thank you for your communication dated 14 November 2009. Companies Investigation Branch (CIB) has the responsibility for conducting investigations into companies using the statutory powers of enquiry contained in the Companies Act 1985. When we receive a complaint it goes through a vetting process to decide whether it merits an inves
  4. What a pack of lies. I bet eurosail are really happy to be part of capstone !!
  5. Sue I do lots and lots. He is now down to 1 line replies with me...... "Your email of Xth XXXXer 2009 has been received. A response will be sent to you by post" Not even a "thank you" or "Regards" Followed by his famous disclaimer that says any e-mail content could be a lie and subject to change without notice ps: he will not normally respond at all unless you state that will be sending a copy of e-mail by recorded delivery
  6. Crapstone/Littledotty27 You could always e-mail this address customerservices@capstonemortgageservices.co.uk I did and the reply was amazing. I won't spoil it for you but laugh I near on wet myself. Try it and see for yourselves Coming to the conclusion that Mr Marek is the only employee at Capstone !!
  7. EIE Ref Chronicle article. There is an opportunity to comment on this article. Time for some more publicity methinks !!!!! I have already posted a response
  8. Gustavius, I have fired off numerous e-mails to capstone requesting information on insurance. I have also requested e-mail address's of contacts within capstone to try and speed up communication and also give me a written record of questions and answers. But they seem very reluctant to communicate other than by phone or post. The latest request is to clarify the name of the bank account I want to transfer payments to. Even over the phone they don't seem to know or don't want to tell me the name of the account just the sort code and acc number. They even said that with a direct
  9. Crapstone, Join the club, only my registered interest is Eurosail. At least they aren't trying to charge me £20 for insuring with someone else this year (They have tried this little gem 2 years running)
  10. Sent 4 e-mails to the only contact I have at Capstone over the last 3 days requesting details of SPML/Eurosail and why I am being asked to pay Eurosail not SPML plus some other personal details and requesting specific e-mail address's of relevant contacts within Capstone to speed communications. It was only on the last e-mail where I stated that a registered letter confirming the contents of the mails was being sent as well that I received the following identical response for each mail: "Your email of Xth October 2009 has been received and you will receive a response by post" You wil
  11. Sorry Guy's but just had to post Capstones e-mail disclaimer; Highlighted bit made me Laugh I near on wet myself !!!! Attention: This message is intended only for the personal and confidential use of the designated recipient's) named above. If you are not the intended recipient of this message you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. This communication is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as an offer to sell or as a solicitation of an offer to buy any financial p
  12. That was quick.... BBC have passed all details I supplied to their personal finance team for investigation. Who know's keep your fingers crossed. But I reckon if they do progress it they will be looking for volunteers to go public
  13. Not only have I e-mailed them I have copied in Times/Telegraph/BBC (Robert Preston) The higher we can raise the profile of what's happening the better
  14. Oop's not sure how I did this. Was meant to be an answer to a request for template for SAR
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