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  1. this should work 10-12-2009 21;28;27.pdf
  2. no i told them that i was told i had to take out the ppi if i wanted the loan and that because im in the army and the army covers me what ever i couldnt claim anyway
  3. third time lucky i dont know whats going on they are getting uploaded full size
  4. its from nottingham and yes i still have an account with welcome but it only has 300 left on it if you give me half an hour i will upload the letter
  5. they have offerd £1900 and i was claiming £2150 so i snapped their hand off lol
  6. i have been trying to get my ppi back from welcome for a few months now and i have just got a letter back this morning offering me £1900 to settle.i thought welcome never settled and you alwas had to go back through the fos am i just one of the lucky ones
  7. sorry about that still didnt work here is the link
  8. how would i know if my welcome agreement is unenforceable or not my loan was re written in feb 2006 for just over £7000 any help is appriciated here is a pic of the aggrement there is a little more on it but i cant fit it on
  9. stupid question i know but has anyone on these forums had there ppi refunded from welcome yet and if so how long did it take many thanks nick ps i must be daft hoping it will be before xmas lol
  10. i am waiting for welcome finance to make a decision wether to give me my ppi back when they do offer can i ask them for more than the 8% recomended considering i was charged between 40-60% intrest on the loans which had the ppi included in them. many thanks for any replys nick
  11. i hope so my luck isnt always that good,infact knowning my luck i will be the exeption lol i hope not like.i was toldto get the loan i had to have the ppi thats why they automaticly have it on the forms.i would be nice to get it back like i could really come in handy for xmas. thanks for any replys
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