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  1. THanks for that...Ive just read that it only applies to police or local authorities.....
  2. Thanks for the interesting read! Kinda makes you feel all warm inside! I will keep posting on here every time something happens......but you never know how long Ive been holding on to info before I post so its pointless trying to track me...... haha! Has anyone got a Traffic Management Act 2004 for dummies? I just need to brush up my knowledge.....
  3. Now... I have been sent a letter from a debt recovery agency saying they will instruct a solicitor to look at the case and will start court preceedings if I dont pay up...and oh....its gone up another £40! Any comments, thoughts, etc...?
  4. Just recieved my third letter....this has been going on for 4 months!
  5. .....just had a second letter stating that failure to pay £100 WILL go to court to get the bailiffs in to recoup goods/ payments owed for parking on an alleged resrticted area.....Shame really........... photos were taken of where the alleged vehicle was parked and no restrictions stated or otherwise were breeched. No correspondence has been made by me and it will stay that way. Just hope this is gonna be worth the hassle:confused: Have read a few posts so now feel a little better informed. Can anyone define RESTRICTED for me? It was restricted only by the fact there was a curb in front
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