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  1. Thanks sea-sidelady, I'll send them the acknowledgement letter just incase they are planning to use any delaying tactics
  2. UPDATE on Shop Direct Ltd After completing the Allocation questionnaire, I emailed the person at Shop Direct who was dealing with the claim (details given on the defence form). Just to confirm that I had sent the AQ and do intend to go all the way. I also pointed out that I was more than happy to settle outside of the court. A couple of days later I received a reply with a settlement offer. This included a refund of all charges, as well as the court fee, but not the interest I was claiming. The interest totals about £200 and after the effort and time I have put into this claim
  3. Hi all, I am claiming back charges from Shop Direct Ltd. I have been posting in my thread here over on the mail order catalogues section of the forum. It's a bit of a ghost town over there and I am hoping to get a better response here as I am in need of some help. I have already won charges back from 2 catalogues for my mom. I am now just on the final Shop Direct claim, and they are playing hard ball so I am taking them to the Small Claims Court. Unless they settle. I received a defence from Shop Direct along with the Allocation Questionnaire. The questionnaire is simple enough
  4. Hi all, I have sent this message to sea-sidelady and bookworm but I'll also post it here for the many knowledgeable and experience claimers on this forum . I was wondering if I could get some advice. I received the defence from Shop Direct today along with the Allocation Questionnaire. The questionnaire is simple enough but I am a little unsure what to put for two of the questions. The first one is Section A, entitled Settlement. They are asking if I would like to use the free mediation service to settle the claim. I would be happy to use this but is this appropriate for reclaim
  5. We spoke to the court today and they have received a defence from Shop Direct, which they have sent us so we should receive it soon. I hope they back down as we certainly aren't going to. The next step is allocating a court date so anyone who has ever gone to court with a catalogue over claiming charges back please post your experience here . They can still settle though but they are really annoying me now
  6. I hope they give in My claim was deemed to be served on 4th March. They then acknowledged the claim so have 28 days from this date. So does that give them until the end of tomorrow (31st march) as we include the 4th March? On 19th March, I sent the court my slip, from the Notice of Issue form, to request for default judgement. But because Shop Direct acknowledged the claim (after I requested default judgement!) they sent it back to me. If they don't file a defence, how do I request default judgement again now? This slip has already been filled in and stamped by the courts so I
  7. I received a letter this morning from the courts saying the defendant filed an Acknowledgement of service on 24 March with the intention of defending all of the claim. I requested default judgement on 19 March by recorded delivery and it was delivered and signed for on 22 March. They don't seem to have acknowledged this! So they have 28 days from the date of service, so they have until 2nd April to file a defence. Does anyone think they will go all the way?
  8. Cheers! I sent the letter to request default judgement late today. So it still gives them a couple of days, but I think they've had long enough and hopefully they will just pay up sooner rather than later. No doubt they'll drag it out though
  9. Just getting back onto the topic of this thread for a second. It was the last day for Shop Direct to acknowledge my mom's claim, or put in a defence, today. Phoned the court and they haven't received anything. So now it's time to request a default judgement. Or is it? The only problem I can see is that they may apply for it to be set aside. How easy is it for them to do this? The claim was sent to the address I have been using to correspond with them since the start. All their letters come from this same address too. So can they get away with saying they didn't receive it? Also
  10. Thanks for the info Bookworm. It makes sense, would I be right in thinking they rarely sell off debt when you are simply requesting charges back? I don't know much about it, but has the "company" (in your case it isn't a company at all!) got any legal right to demand money from you if a catalogue sells them your debt for pennies. Don't you have any say in this?
  11. Hi DT&FE, Which company is this? I would still claim back from the catalogue and remind them that it was them who took your money so you will be pursuing them for it, no one else. It's very strange for a catalogue to sell the debt. Have you had any major problems with them and they have threatened court or the bailiffs before?
  12. Does anyone have a link to any information about the costs to the claimant should they lose? Can't find anything on the small claims website or google. Thanks
  13. A while has passed since successfully claiming charges back from Studio Cards and Fashion World for my mom. With only the Shop Direct group to go (which is the biggest claim) they weren't budging over Christmas time. I have been busy since Christmas but I have just got around to claiming through the small claims court with Shop Direct a couple of days ago. Today I received a Notice of Issue from the courts so the balls rolling now and they have 14 days to respond. It would be great if they paid up but I have a feeling these are going to milk it just like they did with you sea-sidela
  14. We are happy with that so i'll send a letter off accepting this. It's actually 2 down now as I also won Studio Cards aswell. So 2 down and just Shop Direct to go, the biggest claim!
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