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  1. Hi Qualitystreet, you will not be able to get your experial file corrected. All you can do is put a notice on it. My account has been in dispute with welcome since September, they have ignored all the information on the account in dispute letter i sent, and now have put my credit file in arrears by 6 months. they refuse to take it off, experian cant do anything to take it off either. Welcome say they do not have to take any notice of the account in dispute letter as they are not covered by the banking code - (load of rubbish i know). My next step now is to take them to court - my only option left.
  2. Hi Just Jue Thanks for that it is very helpful. Welcome sent me a letter with an amount I had to pay before I handed the car back. I have paid 3/4 of my agreement, and know now that I can hand the car back and not pay anything else.
  3. Hi I have just found the sec 100 of cca that relates to voluntary termination. Please can someone put it in laymans terms for me? It states: (1) Where a regulated hp or cs agreement is terminated under sec 99 the debtor shall be liable, unless the agreement provides for a smaller payment, or does not provide for any payment, to pay to the creditor the amount (if any) by which one-half of the total price exceeds the aggregate of the sums paid and the sums due in respect of the total price immediately before the termination. Section 99 basically states that at any time before the final payment by the debtor under a hp agreement falls due, the debtor shall be entitled to terminate the agreement by giving notice to any person entitled to receive the sums payable. I stopped paying welcome in August, I have paid 3/4 of the agreement. I want to terminate the agreement now, do I have to pay a termination fee? Do I have to pay the payments i have not paid for Aug, Sep and Oct? Please help asap - got them ringing me 4 times a day again thanks electrik
  4. Hi, I think I am going to vt my agreement. I have paid three quarters of the agreement, can I just write a letter saying i am going to vt and pay nothing? When I mentioned it to welcome they said I need to pay a VT fee that they would work out for me? Thanks Electric
  5. Hi edwi69 If you find anything out please let me know. I think Welcome are just trying it on. I can post the letter up if you want to have a look at it electric
  6. Hi Had a letter today - welcome say as a gesture of good will they will remove all the negative info from my credit files
  7. Hi All I put my account in dispute in September, and today received my cca. Please could someone take a look and tell me if it is ok? Also Welcome have said that where the cca 1974 states you can put your account into dispute - this only applies to Banking Institutions. Thanks Electrik just trying to work out how to photobucket them on here,
  8. Hi there i put my account in dispute in September for failure to provide cca. I received a letter today enclosing my cca . The letter states that "where the cca 1974 advises that you may put your account into dispute; this is only relevant to accounts held with Banking Institutions and therefore bares no significance to your claim with welcome". electrik
  9. Post go wireless - much better - you keep having problems with your dongle.
  10. Hi Does anyone know what I should do? My account is in dispute and welcome have put arrears on my credit files. I had a row on my doorstep with the accounts manager who kindly paid me a visit, and told her they were not allowed to do this as I had put the account into dispute in September. The arrears are still on my credit files - I have posted notes on the credit files, but can I do something as welcome shouldnt be doing this whilst the account is in dispute? Any help appreciated. Electrik
  11. Hi I sent a letter like this to Welcome, and the answer I got back was that they had no information on any account that had been settled because the accounts were then closed. How long are they supposed to keep records for? electrik
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