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  1. Hello all and a Happy New Year to you all!! Well I thought it would be a happy new year anyway but it turns out that Freemans have other ideas! I received a letter on Thursday 14th Jan from a Debt Collection agency telling me that I should pay the full amount owing to Freemans or ring them to arrange a payment scheme to suit. I was under the impression that as long as the account is in dispute they couldn't charge defaults nor could they involve a third party, which they have obviously done! I am not sure what are the next steps that I should take as they have totally thrown me o
  2. Thanks for the explanation cerberusalert, so should I do anything? kind regards, Donna
  3. Ok well all has gone quiet on the Littlewoods front but Freemans are being problematic. Telling me that the ca (unsigned) that they sent me was sufficient under the "Consumer Credit Regs of 1983" ie as it was signed by them this constitues an agreement and as I have pruchased goods. They continue to add charges to my account even though I have sent them all the letters. They enclosed with the letter a document from ICO. This apprarently reiterates that it is sufficient. They also go on to tell me that they will hold my details on file, which I was already aware they would do. They have se
  4. Hi Bubbles please read my thread and get back to us when you have sent off the request for a CA and remember DON'T sign anything, if they want to contact you tell them you are only prepared to talk through letters or record your phone calls. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/216957-130776ds-help-ndr.html?highlight=NDR
  5. I did sign up for a contract as I am getting a heck of alot for my money the contract is not with "3" it is with Vodafone who I have been with before and they have looked after me then and now! So thanks for your concern.
  6. Hey Traceybrowne, I too was anxious about sending off all the letters and asking for a signed CA, but you are well within your rights. I have done all as was advised as I was at the end of my tether and NDR/Littlewoods and Freemans were sending threatening letters/phonecalls. At the end of the day you can only pay what you can pay, but don't leave yourself short at the end of the month. I have received a letter from Littlewoods saying that due to not being able to locate a true signed copy of my CA they cannot enforce the debt (it's in a frame!), now they have probably trashed my credit file
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I have now resolved the situation thanks to Mr Lex's email address to the Chief Exec's office. They very kindly called me back and heard me out, I didn't even have to tell them what I wanted! They cancelled my contract there and then, said that I didnt have to pay the £19.99 said I could have my number if I wanted it as it turned out I had already gone back to Vodafone, so had a new number and as I was having so much trouble with "3", Vodafone very kindly gave me two months free! So once again thanks for all advice it was very much appreciated! I for one wi
  8. Ok I am still receiving statements adding on £12.00 each time for not paying from NDR so I have sent them another letter enclosing my previous letter and highlighting the fact that they cannot enforce this debt. I have yet to receive a reply. On the other hand I have sent all the letters to Freemans and received a blank CA to which I replied with the "Account in Dispute" Letter to which I am still receiving bullying phone calls and letters, when they telephone I ask them not to discuss my account with me over the phone, I tell them I have sent letters and they are to correspond with me thro
  9. Thankyou "Jack the Band" for the reply I have read and taken all on board, I am making sure that I put everything down in the email they are going to be sorry they messed with me LOL!!! I know what your saying about the Direct Debit but would you seriously pay for a service your not receiving or pay for an item and not get that item? Just a little bit miffed they will make more money off of me, the charge is a one off but take my word they wont be getting it nor will it matter to my Creidt File either LOL!!!
  10. Thank you very much Mr Lex I will get straight on it!! I will certainly let you know how it goes and keep you updated with responses etc.
  11. Right I have had to calm down a fair bit before writing this out as I would have just rambled on!! I sent off my "3" Nokia 6500 slide handset to be repaired as it decided one day just to switch itself off and not turn back on. So in the "3" store they gave me my sim card, memory stick and battery as they were sure it wasnt a faulty battery! I received a letter back today after being without a phone for the last week because they had "no replacement phones in stock" for me to use! Guess what.......... it says that I have to pay £19.99 onto my normal monthly payment as the cause of the da
  12. Ok but can they send the heavies round to collect the debt and is there a letter that I can send to get the default notices lifted off of my credit file?Is this just another way for them to bully the money out of me!!!
  13. Ok well I thought that it was too good to be true and now Littlewoods/Shop Direct have sent me two default notices with two different amounts on. I am really panicking now and I am not sure what to do as I really don't want to end up in Court with extra charges etc! Please help, anyone?!? Thanks in advance a very worried Donna : (
  14. Thankyou Cerberusalert! I shall find a frame for it then!! I shall await a response from Freemans now as they seem to have been dragging their heels! Once again, THANKYOU !!!!
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