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  1. I have been having a problem with Lloyds TSB over mis-selling of PPI this has involved numerous letter to them and complaints which as to be expected are all unfounded as far as they are concerned However they did claim that the mis-selling of the PPI would be investigated and I would be contacted by the office dealing. I have had no reply to this or anything else from Lloyds TSB since June 2011 apart from a letter stating that the matter is being handled by Wescot Credit Services. I have now started to receive letters from them the most recent being that they
  2. I am also now receiving letters from Graham White Solicitors and Mr Michael SORBELL. I have previously had the statutoiry letters from Roxburghe. In this letter he quotes Civil Procedure Rules 31.6 I have read a vast number of threads on this and other sites. However one thing that does concern me is that in some there is a suggestion that (a) The company is not a legitimate business and a front for Roxburghe (b) The man Sobell may not/is not a solicitor Can anyone confirm if this is correct and do I still keep ignoring the letters Ta
  3. I have also just had a letter from ROXBURGHE they having sent out the standard letter in relation to an unpaid parking notice and in this letter they have quoted Watteau v Fenwick (1983) a case which relates to owners and agents. (Nothing to do with Parking Enforcement} They say (Roxburghe) that in principle given the facts of that case that the Registered Keeper is responsible for the actions of the agent i.e. the driver and therefore again in principle and in the event of non disclosure the registered owner is liable for the charges. This is not withstanding that when you read other sites in
  4. Hi hope someone can help I have an ongoing proplem with Lloyds TSB over a loan and PPI. In the region of 5 years ago I began to have problems with my hands wrists and shoulder which resulted in several operations and I was unable to work. This is still the position. I continued to make payments however things became difficult and I made contact with Lloyds TSB to explain the situation and was made aware that I had PPI. I at this time had no idea that this was in position and as a result of a conversation with the bank began to claim for my time off work. This conti
  5. Some advice if possible please I will try to be brief: I had a loan that was taken out in 2006 unfortunately after about 15 months I became sick and struggled to keep up the payments and telephoned the bank to inform them of that. At this point I was informed that I had sickness cover and should send the details off which I did. I have had several operations on my hands and wrists and at the present am waiting for an operation on my shoulder. The payments for my sickness continued until February of this year when they came to a halt as a three year period was up and the insurers stated that
  6. Morning all. I had a conversation with a guy who stated he was from the accounts department at a local office of Welcome in the Midlands. He had called on my son who has a loan with them for a vehicle. This man had no ID and said that he had left it in his car. Having told him what I did for a living he scuttered off as I said I wanted to see some. He then bought back a receipt book as a proof of his ID. I asked him what he wanted and he claimed that the reason he had called was to get my son to sign a piece of paper informing Welcome Finance of a change of address. My son was advised no
  7. re the above threads I had a a parking notice from G24 last year. The first one explained that I had parked in there car park exceeding the time stay. They offered the fact that if I payed the fine then that would be the end of it however if I failed and did not pay with 14 days it would increase to about ninety something pounds. They enclosed a copy of a photograph of my car showing the registered number and stated that I had been in the car park for about 4hours. Having reaf all the info on the company I ignored the letters until I had one from them threatening Debt Collectors. In view
  8. Hi all Not 10 minutes ago I had a delightful man on my doorstep who said he was from Welcome Finance looking for my son who fortunately gave my address when he took out an agreement for either a car loan or an HP agreement. This is in dispute at the moment. I had a great deal of pleasure in telling him one or two fact of life and also he has got as much chance of me telling him where my son is as Gordon Brown winning the next election. I found him to be a reasonable man mind you he was faced with 6' 2" of pure muscle (Well I think I am) and when faced with the decision of my drive or th
  9. Hi hope you can help I had a Lloyds TSB Loan about 4years ago. The loan is for five years and this included a PPI which I thought was a good idea as I was going to be self employed (one man show) 3years ago I started to have health problems which meant I had to go on the sick and therefore the PPI kicked in. This has been running for 35months and I have had a number of operations I am now waiting for a further one. My suprise was on Saturday when I had a letter from the insurers who said 'We are just sorting out your latest claim but after this one we will not be paying any more' This obviousl
  10. With all due respect to Mosseycat and with thanks for the advice I didn't need an expert to tell me how they entered the car as there was a large hole where the lock should have been and again with respect I would suggest how they got into the car was very relevant. I believe that it is not my job to investigate the crime that is the job of the police and certaily not my job to investigate the claim on behalf on my insurance company who I pay a great deal of money to insurer my belongings. If they beleive that I am making a fraudulant claim, and I fail to see how they can come to that concl
  11. Some general advice if possible please. I have an idea what I am going to do at some stage. I will try and make it short and sweet. I had my car broken into by someone punching a hole in the drivers side lock. It appears that with VW cars this is common, and they then inserted some sort of implement and managed to lower all windows and therefore enter the car by unlocking it from the inside. They stole a number of items that were contained in a bag in the boot. The bag being found in an entry and returned to me later that day. The matter was reported to the police. (Who are on the trail) a
  12. Hi Like others I to am new to this site having been issued with a PCN by G24 Ltd for a parking offence in Homebase 354, High Road, Harrow. They have photographed a vehicle driving in and then leaving and state that it was parked there for to long, they claim and want £95 or £75 if paid within 14days. They have not provided a number of other images where the car entered and left the area. I have read a vast number of threads today and I am just after the basic advice Do I ignore it or send your template letter to then. They have made what appears to be the normal threats of if I do not pa
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